Health Sciences & Human Services

The College of Health Sciences and Human Services includes the Department of Counseling; the Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences and Public Health; the Department of Nursing; and the Department of Social Work.  The college offers a number of programs leading to graduate degrees such as: MS is Clinical Mental Health Counseling, MS in Medical Laboratory Sciences, MSN in Nursing Education, MSN in Nursing Administration, and a MSW in Social Work.  Please see the undergraduate section of the catalog for information regarding undergraduate programs offered by the College of Health Services and Human Sciences.

The college offers graduate degree programs, which are listed below.

Graduate Programs offered by the College of Health Sciences and Human Services

The Department of Counseling:

MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

The Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences:

MS in Medical Laboratory Sciences

The Department of Nursing:

MSN in Nursing Education
MSN in Nursing Administration

The Department of Social Work:

MSW in Social Work