John Tarleton Leadership Academy

The John Tarleton Leadership Academy (JTLA) is a leadership and character development initiative at Tarleton State University, designed to prepare individuals with marketable leadership-skills valued by business, government, and the military.  JTLA combines academic course work and real-world experiences to cultivate an individual’s leadership potential through three distinct, yet complementary programs, each focused-on leadership and character development. 

JTLA promotes and facilitates internships for all participating Student-Cadets, with opportunities in the private sector, government agencies and the military.  Through internships, the private and public workplaces seek deliberate chances to evaluate potential new hires.  Typically, the first opportunity to intern occurs after the sophomore year, with a follow-on opportunity after the junior year.  Ultimately, the internship enhances the opportunity for post-graduation employment.  For employers, the program provides both a nonbinding short-term evaluation opportunity and an early opportunity to identify potential fulltime employees. 

JTLA is designed to promote student success; to become critical thinkers, communicators, problem solvers, and to accept social responsibility.  The resulting leadership development will provide students a perspective highly sought after by employers and will provide Tarleton graduates a distinct, competitive advantage in the job market.  The overarching goal of the program is to provide students and faculty unique access to highly effective, successful leaders and to inspire a life-long pursuit of service and excellence.

Maj. Gary Stratton
Box T-0480
Stephenville 76420