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AGSD 3307. Premier Leadership in Agriculture. 3 Credit Hours (Lecture: 3 Hours, Lab: 0 Hours). [WI]

Study and application of leadership skills related to agricultural education in middle/secondary agricultural education programs.

College of Liberal & Fine Arts


...AGSD 3380 Formulation of Agriculture & Food Policy AGSD...SOCI 3305 Criminology SOCI 3307 Rural Sociology SOCI...

Social Sciences


...SOCI 3312 Environmental Sociology AGSD 3318 Land Surveying...3309 The Judiciary POLS 3307 Public Administration POLS...

Wildlife, Sustainability and Ecosystem Sciences


...4450 Soil Nutrient Cycling AGSD 3318 Land Surveying...4311 Economic Geology POLS 3307 Public Administration PHIL...

Agricultural and Consumer Sciences


...Agricultural Education AGSD 3302 [ WI ] Agricultural Sales and Services 3 or AGSD 3307 Premier Leadership...