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BCIS 5304. Telecommunications for Managers. 3 Credit Hours (Lecture: 3 Hours, Lab: 2 Hours).

Examines the management and utilization of data communication technologies including technical components, configurations, applications, protocols, legal issues, software and management issues, Local Area Network (LAN) technologies, and security issues. Lab fee $15.

Department of Accounting, Finance, and Economics


...Accounting Required Courses ACCT 5304 Advanced Accounting 3...5000 level courses): ACCT, BCIS, BLAW, BUSI, COBA...

Marketing and Computer Information Systems


...Courses BCIS 5304 Telecommunications for Managers 3 BCIS 5307 Systems Analysis for Managers 3 BCIS...

Curriculum and Instruction


...3 BCIS 5311 Managing Information Systems 3 BCIS 5351 IT Project Management 3 BCIS 5304...