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BUSI 4389. Global Business Practices. 3 Credit Hours (Lecture: 3 Hours, Lab: 0 Hours).

The study of basic international business concepts, cultural literacy, and discipline specific content are then applied to practical experiences and activities related to the foreign country visited. A required study abroad at the student's expense is required. Student may complete a maximum of six hours of COBA sponsored study abroad toward degree completion. Field assignment fee of $50.

Marketing and Computer Information Systems


...Business Analysis using Spreadsheets 3 BUSI 3311 Business...MKTG 4086 Problems MKTG 4389 Global Marketing Practices...



...Foreign Language BUSI 4389 Global Business Practices MKTG 4389 Global Marketing Practices MGMT 4389 Global...

Social Sciences


...Business Law BUSI 4344 Introduction to International Business...4354 International Management MGMT 4389 Global Management Practices...

Animal Science and Veterinary Technology


...Management BUSI 3312 [ WI ] Business Communication BUSI 3311 Business Statistics BUSI 4389 Global Business Practices...