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CHFS 3315. Concept Development in Early Childhood. 3 Credit Hours (Lecture: 3 Hours, Lab: 0 Hours).

An exploration of theory and practice in teaching science, mathematics, social studies/diversity and technology to young children. An emphasis is placed on developmentally appropriate practices that facilitate skill development. This course includes 8 hours of field experience in an early childhood classroom. Prerequisite course: CHFS 3300 or approval of department head. Prerequisite: CHFS 3300 or approval of Department Head.

College of Liberal & Fine Arts


...Conservation and Management WSES 3315 Sustainability WSES 3375...Safety and Health Education CHFS 4350 [ WI ] Policies...

Medical Laboratory Sciences and Public Health


...Administrative Information Systems BCIS 3315 Web Development COMM...Food and Culture 3 CHFS 4356 [ WI ] Research...

Fine Arts


...PSYC 3303 Educational Psychology CHFS 3300 Child Development...Computer Science 3 ENGL 3315 Foundations of Literary...

English and Languages


...Civilizations II 3 ENGL 3315 Foundations of Literary...PSYC 3303 Educational Psychology CHFS 3300 Child Development...

Social Sciences


...and the Environment WSES 3315 Sustainability GEOL 1407...PSYC 3303 Educational Psychology CHFS 3300 Child Development...

Chemistry, Geoscience, and Physics


...3305 Criminology 3 CRIJ 3315 Criminal Evidence 3...PSYC 3303 Educational Psychology CHFS 3300 Child Development...

Curriculum and Instruction


...for Children 3 CHFS 3353 Child and Youth Guidance 3 CHFS 3315 Concept Development in...

Agricultural and Consumer Sciences


...Educational Psychology 3 or CHFS 3300 Child Development...and Feeding 4 ANSC 3315 Animal Diseases and...