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CHFS 3316. Human Intimacy. 3 Credit Hours (Lecture: 3 Hours, Lab: 0 Hours).

A functional approach to the understanding of the interpersonal dynamics and choices in primary and secondary relationships such as those with friends, dating partners, and potential mates. The study will include a brief historical and cross-cultural perspective with emphasis on the roots of modern American customs and the rituals of dating and mate selection. Current issues in human sexuality are included. A major component of the class is a study of interpersonal communication. Prerequisite Course: PSYC 2301.

Communication Studies


...2314 Marketing 3 MKTG 3316 Consumer Behavior 3...PSYC 3303 Educational Psychology CHFS 3300 Child Development...

Social Sciences


...PSYC 3303 Educational Psychology CHFS 3300 Child Development...Comparative Politics 3 POLS 3316 [ WI ] Political Science...

Engineering Technology


...For Technologists 3 ENGT 3316 Manufacturing Systems 3...PSYC 3303 Educational Psychology CHFS 3300 Child Development...

Chemistry, Geoscience, and Physics


...PSYC 3303 Educational Psychology CHFS 3300 Child Development...Sedimentary Petrology 3 GEOL 3316 Well Log Analysis...

Curriculum and Instruction


...Option CHFS 3310 Methodology of Family Life Education 3 CHFS 3316 Human Intimacy 3 CHFS...