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CHFS 3353. Child and Youth Guidance. 3 Credit Hours (Lecture: 3 Hours, Lab: 1 Hour).

An exploration of child and youth guidance strategies in the context of family and group settings. The history and theories of guidance strategies as well as practical application of positive guidance strategies will be discussed. Methods to promote pro-social behavior will be examined. Prerequisites: CHFS 3300.

Biological Sciences


...Genetic Techniques 1 BIOL 3353 [ WI ] Ecology and...PSYC 3303 Educational Psychology CHFS 3300 Child Development...



...PSYC 3303 Educational Psychology CHFS 3300 Child Development...3407 Microbiology 4 BIOL 3353 [ WI ] Ecology and...

Curriculum and Instruction


...Program 3 CHFS 3344 [ WI ] Creative Arts and Literature for Children 3 CHFS 3353 Child...