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COMM 4320. Event Planning and Management. 3 Credit Hours (Lecture: 3 Hours, Lab: 0 Hours).

Application of public relations processes to the planning and management of special events in various types and styles. Topics include theme development, budgeting, creative design, logistics, promotions, monitoring, client liaison, evaluation, and other relevant aspects of event planning and management. Prerequisite: COMM 2325 or permission of the instructor.

College of Liberal & Fine Arts


...1301 Art Appreciation Communication: COMM 3332 Intercultural Communication...4315 Foreign Policy POLS 4320 Weapons of Mass...

Communication Studies


...3 COMM 3320 Public Relations 3 COMM 3328 Public Relations Writing 3 COMM 4320 Event...

Fine Arts


...Technical Writing 3 ENGL 4320 Writing for Electronic Mediums 3 COMM 1316 News Photography I...

Social Sciences


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Engineering Technology


...Business Computer Applications 3 COMM 1316 News Photography...Industrial Safety 3 ENGT 4320 Occupational Safety and...

Biological Sciences


...Veterinary COMM 1315 [shared] Public Speaking or COMM...of the following BIOL 4320 Behavioral Ecology 3...



...COMM 1311 [shared] Introduction to Speech Communication COMM...Partial Differential Equations MATH 4320 Mathematical Modeling MATH...

Agricultural and Consumer Sciences


...Communication 3 ACOM 4320 Advanced Technology in Agricultural Communication 3 Advanced COMM Elective 3 AGEC...