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COSC 3443. Computer Architecture. 4 Credit Hours (Lecture: 3 Hours, Lab: 3 Hours).

Hardware and software structures found in modern digital computers. Instruction set architecture, hardwired design of the processor, assembly language programming, microprogramming, I/O and memory units, analysis of instruction usage, and hardware complexity. Credit for both COSC 3443 and ELEN 3443 will not be awarded. Prerequisite: COSC 2448 or ELEN 2448. Lab fee $15.

Engineering and Computer Science


...4 COSC 3330 Game, Graphics and GUI Development 3 COSC 3443 Computer Architecture 4 COSC...



...COSC 2341 Data Structures 3 COSC 2448 Introduction to Digital Systems Design 4 COSC 3443...