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EDUC 4305. Content Area Instruction in Bilingual Classrooms. 3 Credit Hours (Lecture: 3 Hours, Lab: 0 Hours).

An examination of curriculum requirements as applicable to bilingual education, language concepts and proficiencies needed for teaching language arts, math, science and social studies in bilingual classrooms. Students will evaluate commercial and research-based programs in order to adapt materials for students with varying degrees of language and literacy proficiency. Field experiences required. Prerequisites: Admission to the Tarleton Teacher Education Program, EDUC 3310, EDUC 3315, READ 3311, and READ 3351 or READ 3356. Proficiency in Spanish.

College of Liberal & Fine Arts


...part of the general education requirements required of...Sociology of Religion SOCI 4305 Social Psychology SOCI...

Accounting, Finance, and Economics


...Accounting Required Courses General Education Requirements 1 39...Financial Accounting 3 ACCT 4305 Federal Tax Accounting...



...provide a broad-based education in the foundation...4304 Staffing Organizations MGMT 4305 Human Resource Development...

English and Languages


...Experience SPAN 4305 Modernismo SPAN 4308 [ WI ] The Short Latin American Novel EDUC 3320 Understanding...

Social Sciences


...3 EDUC 3320 Understanding Learners 3 EDUC 3330...and the World HIST 4305 [ WI ] Ideas in...

Engineering Technology


...Principles of Technology Education 3 ENGT 3393 Modular Technology 3 ENGT 4305 Architectural Drafting 3...

Chemistry, Geoscience, and Physics


...3 EDUC 3320 Understanding Learners 3 EDUC 3330...3310 Geomorphology 3 GEOL 4305 [ WI ] Field Geology...



...3 EDUC 3320 Understanding Learners 3 EDUC 3330...Mathematical Ideas 3 MATH 4305 Concepts of Elementary...

Department of Psychological Sciences


...engineering, evolutionary, forensic, health, educational, industrial/organizational, and...Adaptive Psychology or PSYC 4305 Social Psychology or...

Curriculum and Instruction


...for Bilingual Classrooms 3 EDUC 4304 Early Childhood Environment 3 EDUC 4305 Content Area Instruction...



...9 EDUC 3320 Understanding Learners 3 EDUC 3330...3390 Kinesiology 3 KINE 4305 Capstone in Kinesiology...

Wildlife, Sustainability and Ecosystem Sciences


...and will lay the educational groundwork required to...Woody Plant Identification WSES 4305 Urban Wildlife and...

Agricultural and Consumer Sciences


The Department of Agricultural and Consumer Sciences was created with the flexibility to design career programs for students. Individuals seeking knowledge in education, communications, and various humanistic interactions within all segments of the agricultural industry will find interest in the department’s offerings. Included are programs in Agricultural Science Teacher Certification, Agricultural Communication, Agricultural Extension/Industry, Horticulture, and Agribusiness. Internships are a part of all programs.