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ENGL 3315. Foundations of Literary Research and Analysis. 3 Credit Hours (Lecture: 3 Hours, Lab: 0 Hours).

An introduction to the skills, practices, and perspectives that inform literary research and analysis. The course explores how careful reading, close textual analysis, and creative and informed research methodology culminate in cogent and substantive critical essays about literary texts. The course includes discussion of the formal conventions of major literary genres as well as discussion of concepts such as relationships of literary texts to histories and cultures, the formation of canons, literary movements, and theoretical perspectives that inform literary analysis. This course is required for majors. May be taken concurrently with one other advanced English literature course before proceeding with other advanced English literature courses. Prerequisites: ENGL 1301, 1302, and 3 hours of Sophomore English.

College of Liberal & Fine Arts


...English: ENGL 2340 Literature and Film ENGL 3341...Conservation and Management WSES 3315 Sustainability WSES 3375...

Medical Laboratory Sciences and Public Health


...Administrative Information Systems BCIS 3315 Web Development COMM 4304 Organizational Communications ENGL 4312 Technical Writing...

Marketing and Computer Information Systems


...Business Strategy 3 MKTG 3315 Personal Selling 3...Business Communication 3 or ENGL 3309 Technical writing...



...Document Production 3 ADMS 3315 Word Processing 3...of the following: 6 ENGL 3341 Cultural Studies...

Fine Arts


...Computer Science 3 ENGL 3315 Foundations of Literary Research and Analysis 3 ENGL 3343 Creative...

Criminal Justice


...and Management 3 CRIJ 3315 Criminal Evidence 3...3330 Social Science Statistics ENGL 3309 [ WI ] Technical...

English and Languages


...3 HIST 2322 World Civilizations II 3 ENGL 3315 Foundations of Literary Research and Analysis...

Social Sciences


...42 ENGL 1301 [shared] [ WI ] Composition I ENGL...and the Environment WSES 3315 Sustainability GEOL 1407...

Chemistry, Geoscience, and Physics


...4 ENGL 1301 [shared] [ WI ] Composition I ENGL...3305 Criminology 3 CRIJ 3315 Criminal Evidence 3...

Curriculum and Instruction


...43 ENGL 1301 [shared] [ WI ] Composition I ENGL...Language Education 3 EDUC 3315 Literacy Instruction for...

Agricultural and Consumer Sciences


...Economics ENGL 1301 [shared] [ WI ] Composition I ENGL...and Feeding 4 ANSC 3315 Animal Diseases and...

Animal Science and Veterinary Technology


...Editing for Agricultural Publications ENGL 3309 [ WI ] Technical...Range Management 3 RNRM 3315 Range Ecology 3...