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MATH 4305. Concepts of Elementary Mathematics III. 3 Credit Hours (Lecture: 3 Hours, Lab: 0 Hours).

This course is designed to develop and extend the mathematical content knowledge of prospective middle school teachers. Topics will include proportionality, elementary number theory, and the development of algebraic reasoning through the use of patterns, relations, and functions, with an emphasis on multiple representations (numerical, graphical, verbal, and/or symbolic). Technology will be integrated into the curriculum where appropriate. Prerequisites: Junior Standing with at least one of the following: C or better in MATH 3305 or MATH 4302 or concurrent enrollment in MATH 4302.

Accounting, Finance, and Economics


...Shared]: MATH 1314 College Algebra MATH 1324 Math...Financial Accounting 3 ACCT 4305 Federal Tax Accounting...



...Shared]: MATH 1314 College Algebra MATH 1324 Math...4304 Staffing Organizations MGMT 4305 Human Resource Development...

Social Sciences


...shared]: MATH 1314 College Algebra MATH 1324 Math...and the World HIST 4305 [ WI ] Ideas in...

Engineering Technology


...3 or MATH 2412 Precalculus Math MATH 2413...Modular Technology 3 ENGT 4305 Architectural Drafting 3...

Chemistry, Geoscience, and Physics


...Trigonometry or MATH 2412 Precalculus Math MATH 2413...3310 Geomorphology 3 GEOL 4305 [ WI ] Field Geology...



...3 MATH 4302 College Geometry 3 MATH 4304 Survey of Mathematical Ideas 3 MATH 4305...

Department of Psychological Sciences


...MATH 1332 Contemporary Mathematics I MATH 1324 Math...Adaptive Psychology or PSYC 4305 Social Psychology or...

Curriculum and Instruction


...Methods MATH 3450 Principles of Bio-Statistics MATH 3302 Principles of Geometry 3 MATH 4305...



...3390 Kinesiology 3 KINE 4305 Capstone in Kinesiology...PSYC 3310 Abnormal Psychology MATH 3450 Principles of...

Agricultural and Consumer Sciences


...Mathematics) MATH 1324 & MATH 1325 [shared] Math for...Non-majors 3 ACOM 4305 Publication Development in...