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MLSC 3301. Training Management and the Warfighting Functions. 3 Credit Hours (Lecture: 3 Hours, Lab: 2 Hours).

This course is designed to enable a student with no prior military or cadet experience to quickly learn essential cadet knowledge and skills. The course introduces the principles of physical fitness, healthy lifestyles and the Leader Development Program that will be used to evaluate leadership performance and provides cadets with developmental feedback, used throughout the year. Cadets learn how to plan and conduct individual and small unit training, as well as basic tactical principles. The course conducts a four-week study of reasoning skills and the military-specified application of these skills in the form of the Army's troop leading procedures. The final four weeks examines officership. This course serves as the first and primary course of the ROTC Advanced Courses. Prerequisites: Student must have MLSC 1201, 1202, 2301, and 2302. Students must also have approval from the Professor of Military Science to take this class. Basic Training or Cadet Initial Entry Training may be used as a substitute for the MLSC prerequisite courses.

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