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SOCI 5306. Water Policy. 3 Credit Hours (Lecture: 3 Hours, Lab: 0 Hours).

This course offers an interdisciplinary exploration on “water policies" -- that is, the political dimensions of human manipulation of water, wetlands and watersheds. While the substantive focus is water, the course is design to provide a broader introduction to social-scientific theorizing about human-environment relations. A central objective of the course will be examining Texas environmental laws regarding water policy; while employing a range of geographically diverse case studies that examine major topics on water politics, including: large-scale hydro-development and grassroots resistance thereto as a subset of the contentious history of international development policy more broadly the governance of common-pool resources; the emergence of participatory and community-based water management policies; the "neoliberalization" of water resources through privatization, marketization and commodification; and conflict and cooperation in the governance of trans-boundary waters. Our examination is guided analytically themes central to the environmental social sciences, including: power, institutions, political economy, and the social embeddedness of science. Credit for SOCI 4306, WSES 4306, and SOCI 5306 will not be awarded.

Chemistry, Geoscience, and Physics


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