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SOCW 3306. Social Welfare Policy. 3 Credit Hours (Lecture: 3 Hours, Lab: 0 Hours). [WI]

This course helps students gain the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively advocate for policy changes that promote social justice and to analyze policy to determine its effect on client populations and agency programs and services. Prerequisites: SOCW 2362 and SOCW 3320 with a C or higher.

College of Liberal & Fine Arts


...Work SOCW 2362 Social Welfare in America SOCW 3306 [ WI ] Social Welfare Policy SOCW 3310...

Social Work


...of Interviewing 3 SOCW 3303 Social Work with Diverse Populations 3 SOCW 3306 [ WI ] Social...

Social Sciences


...POLS 4340 US Public Policy SOCW 3320 Service Learning SOCW 3306 [ WI ] Social Welfare Policy...