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SPAN 4306. Culture and Civilization of Spain and Latin America. 3 Credit Hours (Lecture: 3 Hours, Lab: 0 Hours).

An historical and cultural overview of Spain and Latin America. Major historical events and manifestations that have shaped the Spanish and Latin American culture and civilizations are studied. This course is an introduction to the cultural, historical, and sociopolitical realities of Spain and Latin America. Prerequisites: SPAN 3301 or SPAN 3302 and SPAN 3303; or approval of instructor or department head.

College of Liberal & Fine Arts


...or Native Speakers SPAN 3303 Spanish Grammar for Composition 3 SPAN 4306 Culture and Civilization...

English and Languages


...Spanish 3 or SPAN 3302 Spanish for Heritage or Native Speakers SPAN 4306 Culture and...

Social Sciences


...SPAN 4302 [ WI ] Survey of Spanish-America Literature SPAN 4304 The Caribbean Experience SPAN 4306...

Wildlife, Sustainability and Ecosystem Sciences


...being across the life span. Foundation courses in...and Wildlife Management WSES 4306 Water Resources Policy...