Administration and General Information

President Dr. F. Dominic Dottavio
Provost and Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Karen Murray
Vice President of Institutional Advancement Dr. Kyle McGregor
Vice President for Student Affairs Dr. Laura Boren
Interim Vice President for Finance and Administration Dr. Rick Richardson
  Phone T-Box
Academic Advising Center (254) 968-9746 T-0955
Academic Affairs 9103 T-0010
Academic Resource Center 9009 T-0345
Access for Students with Disabilities 9400 T-0780
Undergraduate 1-800-687-8236
9125 T-0030
Graduate 1-800-687-4723
9104 T-0350
Athletics 9178 T-0080
Business Services 9107 T-0120
Campus Store 9007 T-0850
Campus Tours 9845 T-0610
Center for Access and Academic Testing 9400/9423 T-0780
College of Graduate Studies 9104 T-0350
Financial Aid 9070 T-0310
Honors College 1926 T-0545
During regular office hours
At other times
International Programs 9632 T-0770
Judicial Affairs 9080 T-0670
Library 9937 T-0450
Office of Diversity and Inclusions 9488 T-0490
President's Office 9100 T-0001
Recreational Sports 9912 T-0420
Recruiting/School Relations 9845 T-0610
Registrar 9121 T-0620
Residential Living and Learning 9083 T-0280
Scholarship Office 9922 T-0760
Student Affairs 9081 T-0680
Student Successs and Multicultural Initiatives 9480 T-0340
Texan Card 1880 T-0910
Thompson Student Center 9000 T-0690
Transcripts 9121 T-0620
University Police 9002 T-0560
Military Veterans' Services 1805 T-0960

Requests for information should be directed to the offices listed above, and all correspondence should include T-Box number.  The University's mailing address for all inquiries is:

Tarleton State University
T-(Box number)
Stephenville, TX 76402

For phone numbers, area code and first three digits are 254 and 968, respectively.