Texan Corps of Cadets and ROTC

The Texan Corps of Cadets (Corps) is organized and maintained within the student body of Tarleton State University as a self-contained corps of cadets to promote student success.  The purpose of the Texan Corps of Cadets is to develop unparalleled leaders of character.  Tarleton has participated in the Senior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) since 1917.  ROTC courses are intended for students who are members of the Corps of Cadets.  Unless contracted with the Army or Air Force, cadets who participate in the Corps and ROTC are under no obligation to serve in the Armed Services.

The mission of the Texan Corps of Cadets is to prepare individuals for service to our nation with marketable leadership skills and character traits valued by business, government, and the military.  The Corps of Cadets is designed to teach and develop certain personal characteristics, including teamwork, problem-solving, and communication. This is accomplished through practical application in a series of varied and progressively responsible job assignments and commitment to leadership and character development.  A minor in Leadership Studies is awarded through the academic coursework and satisfactory completion of leadership progression within the Corps.  The 18-hour curriculum is only open to members of the Corps. 

The Senior Director of Strategic Studies (John Tarleton Leadership Academy) oversees the ROTC programs and the minor in Leadership Studies through the Departments of Military Science, Department of Aerospace Studies (via crosstown agreement) and the Department of Leadership and Strategic Studies.  Each ROTC department has its own chair and staff and is run independently according to the needs and administration of the service branch.   The Commandant of Cadets is responsible for the military program at the institution, including its administration, discipline, and welfare.  

The Corps of Cadets is organized and maintained within the student body as a self-contained unit, including the following:

  • Requires all qualified members of the Corps to be enrolled in the basic course of ROTC, with certain categories of students excused specifically by administrative decision and approved by the ROTC unit commander and the Office of the Commandant.
  • Requires all cadets, including nonmembers enrolled in the ROTC, to be habitually in uniform while on campus.
  • A key objective is to develop cadets’ character by means of military training and the regulation of their conduct in accordance with the principles of military discipline.
  • Provides members of the Corps separate housing.  All freshman and sophomore cadets will reside in the Corps-designated housing, as directed by or approved by the Commandant, in accordance with the University’s housing policy.
  • Requires all members of the Corps to be under constantly maintained military discipline.
  • In general, meets military standards similar to those maintained at the military service academies and senior military colleges.

Cadets Contracted for Commission

The ROTC programs at Tarleton exist to commission well-educated officers into the Army and Air Force in sufficient numbers to meet the accession mission of these Services.  All Army ROTC and Air Force ROTC contracted cadets are members of the Corps. Tarleton also participates in the Marine Corps Platoon Leader Course program for students seeking a commission in the United States Marine Corps. 

Non-contracted Cadets

All freshman and sophomore, non-contracted cadets must enroll in Army or Air Force ROTC to maintain membership in the Corps.  Non-contracted cadets (Drill and Ceremony cadets) are required to complete fours semesters of ROTC courses and participate in physical training and military lab to the extent allowed by the ROTC unit.  All junior and senior cadets who do not contract with a military service may apply to remain in the Corps as a Drill and Ceremony cadet.  The Commandant is the approval authority for all Drill and Ceremony cadets to participate as members of the Corps.  Drill and Ceremony cadets are allowed to participate in all Corps activities and may pursue a minor in Leadership Studies. 

Contact Information

For information on the application process for the Corps of Cadets, please visit the website at www.tarleton.edu/cadets or contact the Corps of Cadets at 254-968-9188 or cadets@tarleton.edu.