Financial Aid

Tarleton State University offers student financial aid in the form of loans, grants, work opportunities and scholarships to help assist with your educational expenses while attending Tarleton State University . To determine a student's eligibility for financial aid, the student and parent (if the student is dependent) must first complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

To apply for financial aid, a student must submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) each year.  To access the online FAFSA you must go to  A student and parent must first apply for the FSA ID.  The FSA ID is a unique federal identifier that allows you to complete the FAFSA, make FAFSA corrections and access your federal financial aid history.  The FSA ID is also accessed through the website.   

Academic Eligibility Requirements for Financial Aid

Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

Federal and state regulations require all students to make satisfactory academic progress (SAP) toward completion of degree, certificate or licensure requirements to receive student financial aid.  All terms of attempted enrollment are considered in determining satisfactory academic progress regardless of whether aid was awarded for the term.  Failure to meet satisfactory progress standards results in ineligibility for all types of federal , state and university aid administered by the Student Financial Aid Office at Tarleton State University (TSU). 

Evaluation Period

Monitoring satisfactory academic progress begins with the first credit attempted and is done at the end of spring semester (summer, fall and spring).

Qualitative Standard:  Grade Point Average (GPA)

Attempted credits include all courses on student records after the 12th class day, including withdrawals, incompletes, repeats, noncredit and remedial courses.  TSU’s satisfactory progress policy requires that students achieve the following cumulative grade point averages:         

                     Undergraduate Students:  2.0               Graduate Students:  3.0
Quantitative Standard (Pace):  Completion Percentage (Deficit Hours)

Financial aid standards require students to satisfactorily complete a minimum of 67% of their total cumulative attempted credits.  This percentage includes all institutional and transfer credit hours, regardless of whether or not financial aid was received.  Hours successfully completed include those with grades of A, B, C, D, P and S.  Grades of F, I, K, Q, W, WF, U, NG  and grad exclusions are not considered to be adequate grades for completion.  The calculation used to determine the completion rate:

Total Hours Successfully Completed
             Total Hours Attempted                   =    Completion Rate

Quantitative Standard:  Maximum Hours Attempted (Excessive Hours)

Students are expected to complete their degree pursuits within a maximum timeframe, including transfer hours earned as well as institutional attempted credits.  Credits attempted to complete a degree and receive financial aid cannot exceed 150% of the credits required to complete the degree program.  Credit hours are cumulative; thus, students obtaining more than the maximum hours (e.g., change in major) may reach this maximum timeframe before completing their course of study and may need to appeal the timeframe eligibility.  Students may not receive financial assistance beyond the following:

                     Undergraduate Students:      180 Hours                

                     Graduate Students:                   54 Hours                    

                     Doctoral:                                    108 Hours

Failure to Meet Standards

If at the end of spring semester, a student fails to meet any of the above Satisfactory Academic Standard(s), he/she will be placed on financial aid suspension for each standard not being met.


Financial aid suspension status may be appealed to Student Financial Aid.  Appeals are made on the basis of extraordinary or mitigating circumstances (including but not limited to major illness, death in the family, serious accident, etc.) or the successful completion of additional coursework.  The appeal must state why the student failed to make satisfactory academic progress and what has changed in the student’s situation that would allow the student to demonstrate satisfactory academic progress by the end of the following spring semester.  Each case is reviewed individually.  The Student Financial Aid Office informs the student in writing within seven business days of its decision, provided adequate documentation was submitted by the student. 

If the appeal is approved, financial aid eligibility will be reinstated for a probationary semester.  Written notification (financial aid contract) will include the standards the student is expected to meet in order to retain financial aid eligibility at the end of the semester. 

If at the end of a probationary semester, the student meets TSU’s probationary term requirements but has not met TSU’s cumulative standards, TSU will permit the student to retain financial aid eligibility under a “continued probation” status.  Probation status continues to be monitored each semester until the student meets TSU’s cumulative standards for completion percentage and grade point average (GPA), at which time the student will be returned to “good standing”.

If a student on “continued probation” status fails to meet TSU’s cumulative standard(s) or the standards required for the probationary semester, TSU will suspend the student from financial aid eligibility.

If an appeal is denied, written notification will state the reason(s) for the denial and the process of appealing the denial.

A student not satisfied with an denied decision may submit a subsequent appeal to the university’s appeal committee.

Programs that require longer than the maximum hours attempted limits must have individual approval from the Student Financial Aid Office through the appeal process.  Students must submit for review an academic plan approved and signed by their advisor indicating the semester(s) remaining for degree completion, a course plan for each remaining semester, and projected graduation date.  Appeals for hours in excess of 150% solely to improve GPA are not approved, unless the course is part of an approved academic plan.  Submission of an appeal does not indicate automatic approval of the academic plan.  Each appeal is reviewed on a case-by-case basis.


Students who fail to meet the minimum standards will be notified by email (go.tarleton email) when they are placed on probation or suspension.  It is possible for students to be placed on financial aid suspension for failure to meet more than one type of Satisfactory Academic Progress Standard.  Students who have not received financial aid in the past are immediately subject to standards when they apply for financial aid.

Re-Establishing Eligibility After Financial Aid Suspension

Students whose financial aid eligibility has been suspended may regain eligibility only through TSU’s appeal process or when they meet the institution’s satisfactory academic progress quantitative and qualitative standards.  If Incomplete (I) hours are a factor in failure to maintain satisfactory progress, subsequent successful completion of these hours may be used to re-establish eligibility for aid.  Paying for classes out of pocket or sitting out a period of time in and of itself is not sufficient to re-establish a student’s financial aid eligibility. 

Repeated Courses

Students who repeat a course may receive financial assistance more than once for enrollment in the same course.  When a course is repeated, each enrollment is included in calculating the percentage of successfully completed hours and the total number of attempted hours is used to determine length of eligibility.  For example, a student enrolls in a three hour course, fails it and the following semester re-enrolls in the same course and earns a C.  That student would have enrolled in in six hours, but successfully completed only three hours.  Repeating a course more than once results in removal of only one previous grade from the GPA calculation. 

Federal regulations also stipulate the way enrollment status is determined for students who are repeating coursework in which they previously received a letter grade of D- or higher.  An institution may pay a student one time for retaking previously-passed coursework.  To determine a student’s enrollment status (full-time vs. part-time), the school may not include more than one repetition of a previously passed course. 

Example:  Two years ago, Sam enrolled in a 3-hour Applied Mathematics course and received a grade of D-.  Sam took the same course again last year and received a grade of C-.  His major requires that he pass the class with a C or better, so Sam decides to take the course again this semester.  Sam is enrolled in 9 hours of other coursework plus the Applied Math class, for a total of 12 hours.  The 3 hours of that class are not included in determining Sam’s enrollment status for the current semester because it is the second time he is repeating a class in which he previously received a “passing” grade.  Sam would be paid financial aid as a part-time student because he is enrolled in 12 hours minus the 3 hours of the course he’s repeating for the second time, which do not count.  For financial aid purposes, Sam is enrolled in 9 eligible hours.

Withdrawing or Dropping Classes

If you withdraw from all classes, either officially or unofficially, on or before completing  the term and you have received Title IV federal funds in the form of a Federal Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG), Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education (TEACH) Grant, Iraq Afghanistan Service Grant, Federal Direct loans, or a Federal PLUS loan, the federal government requires that we review your eligibility for those funds. We are required to apply a federally mandated formula to determine how much of the federal funding was “earned” up to the time of withdrawal. This review and recalculation is called a “Return of Title IV Aid”.

The Title IV funds that were disbursed in excess of the earned amount must be returned to the federal government by the university and/or you.

The amount to be returned to the federal government will be calculated from the date you officially withdrew from classes or, in the case of an unofficial withdrawal (see section above), the last date you were involved in an academically related activity.

Priority Dates

Priority for campus-based funding is given to students who meet certain income eligibility requirements and have submitted their FAFSA to the Central Processor on or before March 1, 2016.


No aid will be processed less than two weeks from the end of the term (semester).

Applicants are responsible for the timeliness and promptness of their applications.


Federal Direct Loan Program

Federal Direct Loans are student loans that must be repaid and are available to both undergraduate and graduate students.

Annual Undergraduate loan limits may not exceed $5,500 (of which no more than $3,500 may be subsidized) for freshmen; $6,500 (of which no more than $4,500 may be subsidized) for sophomores; and $7,500 (of which no more than $5,500 may be subsidized) for juniors and seniors. Annual Graduate student loan limits are limited to $20,500 in unsubsidized loans.  In addition, students must be enrolled in at least 6 semester hours to qualify.

A subsidized loan is awarded on the basis of financial need. If eligible for a subsidized loan, the government will pay (subsidize) the interest on the loan while the student is in school and for the first six months after leaving school (grace period).  However, for subsidized loans first disbursed on or after July 1, 2012, and before July 1, 2014,  the student is responsible for the interest that accrues while the loan is in the grace period. 

First time student loan borrowers must complete the Entrance Loan Counseling and the Electronic Promissory Note before TSU can release the first disbursement of their Federal Direct Student loan.

For an unsubsidized loan, the student is responsible for the interest from the time the unsubsidized loan is disbursed until it is paid in full.

Students begin repaying Federal Direct Student loans six months after they drop below half-time enrollment or graduate from college.

Federal Direct Plus Loans (Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students)

Parent Loans are made by the Department of Education to parents to assist in meeting education costs. Parents, on behalf of their dependents, may borrow the annual loan limit of the cost of education, less other financial aid. Repayment is generally due within 60 days of the full loan disbursement. Fees charged to the PLUS borrower are deducted form the loan proceeds when the money is sent to the student’s school.

Short-Term Loans

Application for all short-term loans is made through the Student Financial Aid Office. Distribution and repayment of funds is made in the Business Office. Students will be allowed to have only one Tarleton Loan and one Tuition and Fee Emergency Loan for the first installment only or one Stephen Loan per semester. All short-term loans are paid at the cashier’s window in the Administration Building.

Tarleton Loans

These loans must be used for room and board only. There is a service charge. Loans not paid on time will be assessed a late fee. Loans are due approximately 90 days after signing the promissory note or the end of the semester, whichever is earlier.

Stephen Loans

These loans must be used for books only. Students may borrow up to $500. The loan will be available on the student’s Texan Card to be used at the Tarleton Campus Bookstore located in the Thompson Student Center. A service charge will be assessed. Loans are due approximately 90 days after signing the promissory note or the end of the semester, whichever is earlier. Loans not paid on time will be assessed a late fee.

Tuition and Fee Emergency Loans

Conditions are as follows:

  1. Tuition and Fee Emergency Loans are for the first installment of tuition and fees only. Loan applications must be submitted to the Student Financial Aid Office. These loans are applied automatically to the student’s account.
  2. Eligible students’ applications will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis.
  3. Maximum loan amount per student may not exceed the amount owed in tuition and required fees for the courses in which the student is actually enrolling.
  4. A promissory note with an interest rate of 5 percent per annum will be executed by the student to be repaid over a period not to exceed ninety days for a loan made for a regular semester, or thirty days for a summer session.
The Stephen Memorial Loan Fund

This fund was established from the will of Na Homer Stephen in memory of M. L. Matt and Mattie Stephen.

Tarleton Loan Fund

When the state of Texas took over Tarleton State College in 1917, among the many gifts provided by citizens of Stephenville was a cash gift of $75,000 with which to commemorate the name of John Tarleton, the original benefactor who made the establishment of Tarleton State University possible in 1899. Citizens of Stephenville and Erath County remembered John Tarleton with great affection, and for that reason this money was raised by private subscription and turned over to the Board of Directors to be used as a student loan fund. The Board of Directors immediately invested the $75,000 as an endowment, making available for loans the income from interest. The first student loans were made in 1920.

Late Payments on Loans

When a student does not make payment on any outstanding loan by the due date, his/her records will be blocked immediately.


Federal Pell Grants

Pell Grants are available to eligible undergraduates. Pell Grant funds are disbursed based on number of hours enrolled as of the Pell Census date (or the 12th class day). All other sources of aid will be given in addition to the Pell Grant.

Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants

These grants, ranging from $100 to $4,000  per year, are available to help needy undergraduates meet education expenses.

The Texas Public Education Grant

This grant was established by the Texas State Legislature to help needy students. Under this program, students may receive grants ranging from $100 and up.

Toward EXcellence, Access and Success (TEXAS) Grant Program

The TEXAS Grant Program was established in 1999 by the Texas Legislature to provide need-based financial assistance to resident Texas students who completed the Recommended high school program. Eligible students may receive an amount up to the cost of required tuition and fees each academic year of eligibility. Some restrictions apply.

To be eligible for the TEXAS grant, a student must be a Texas resident and a graduate from a public or accredited private high school and must demonstrate exceptional financial need as determined by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  March 15 is the state priority deadline for identifying eligible students to be given priority in receiving awards through the state financial aid program.

Detailed information is available by request in the Student Financial Aid Office.

Texas Tuition Guarantee

Texas Tuition Guarantee is a new program which will cover tuition and fees for qualified freshman enrolling at Tarleton State University. Please study the criteria below and determine if you might be eligible! This program uses Pell grant and Texas Tuition Guarantee to cover Tuition and Fees.

Tarleton Policies
  1. Initial Eligibility
    1. Entering Freshman students in the Fall of 2014
    2. Family Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) of $30,000 or less
    3. Apply for the program by the University Financial Aid Deadline
    4. Be eligible for PELL Grants as either a dependent or independent student
    5. Be a Texas resident
    6. Enroll in a minimum of 15 Semester Credit Hours (SCH) per semester
    7. Eligibility will be based on need
    8. Student must be degree seeking
  2. Continuing Eligibility
    1. Family AGI of $30,000 or less
    2. Apply for renewal by the University Financial Aid deadline
    3. Maintain PELL eligibility
    4. Maintain a minimum of 2.5 GPA in all semesters of eligibility
    5. Enroll in a minimum of 15 SCH per eligible semester
    6. Have completed a minimum of 15 SCH in the previous eligible semester or 30 SCH in the preceding Academic Year
    7. Must maintain satisfactory academic progress
    8. Eligibility is for a period of 8 consecutive long semesters at the undergraduate level only
Tarleton Tuition Grant

These grants are available to undergraduate students who are Texas residents and demonstrate need based upon data provided on the Free Application of Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  Priority is given to those students who file the FAFSA by the priority deadline.

Work Opportunities

Tarleton participates in the College Work-Study Program, sponsored jointly by the Federal government and the University, and in the State Work-Study Program, sponsored jointly by the State of Texas and the University. Students must show financial need to be eligible for work-study. Funds are awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis with priority awarding given to students currently/previously employed under the College Work Study. All wages are on an hourly basis, and work schedules are arranged around class schedules.

  • Opportunities to work on-campus where supervisors understand academic schedules and demands
  • R.E.A.L. participation; adding to your learning experience at Tarleton State University
  • Resume building experience to give you a head start on your chosen career

Intern 2 Learn is an innovative, on-campus student employment program for undergraduates. The program is designed to provide relevant work experience and qualify as a R.E.A.L. (Real World Experience Applied to Learning) internship for participating students.

The best part is that the program benefits both students and employing departments!

Interns work in positions related to their academic curriculum and are eligible to promote to higher levels of responsibility and pay as their experience and knowledge levels grow. Employing departments enjoy the opportunity to mentor and coach student interns so that they function as additional staff.


The Tarleton State University Office of Scholarships is committed to providing assistance to students in pursuit of their education. Scholarships are awarded for academic ability and achievement, demonstrated leadership, ability to perform (music, band, etc.), extracurricular activities, financial need, and other criteria as defined by specific scholarship programs. Scholarship consideration for current Tarleton students has full-time status as a criterion unless otherwise defined by specific scholarship programs. More than 450 endowed, local, and departmental scholarships are available to students attending Tarleton State University. Some scholarships are awarded in specific academic areas, such as science, humanities, agriculture, and business.

Scholarship information and application forms may be obtained from the Office of Scholarships, Box T-0760, Stephenville, TX 76402 or at The Office can also be contacted by telephoning (254) 968-9922.

Any student receiving institutional scholarships valued at $4,000 or more is generally not eligible for other institutional scholarships.

The Presidential Honors Program offers exceptional opportunities for outstanding students. Presidential Honors Scholars are given priority in such areas as pre-registration and housing assignments. They also enroll in two interdisciplinary Honors Seminars, participate in the Honors Degree Program, have the opportunity to travel to a professional meeting in their major field of study, and receive annual scholarships of $6,000. For more information, contact Dr. Craig Clifford, Director of the Presidential Honors Program, Box T-0545, Stephenville, TX 76402; (254) 968-1926.

Other Aid

Veterans’ Assistance

The Military Veterans Services Center serves students eligible for educational benefits from the Veteran’s Administration. Records are maintained and reports made to the Veteran’s Administration on behalf of veterans, dependents, and active-duty service members enrolled at the University.

Hazlewood Act

Veterans should contact the Student Financial Aid Office to obtain forms to apply for Hazlewood Exemptions. Complete information must be submitted to the Student Financial Aid Office on or before the census date of each term.

Vocational Rehabilitation

The Texas Rehabilitation Commission offers assistance for tuition and required fees to students who are physically or otherwise challenged, provided the vocational objective selected by the unusually challenged person has been approved by an appropriate representative of the Commission. Through this state agency, other rehabilitation services are available to assist these students in becoming employable. Application for this type of assistance should be made to the nearest Rehabilitation Office. Address inquiries to: Commissioner, Texas Rehabilitation Commission, Jefferson Bldg., 1600 W. 38th Street, Austin, Texas 78731.

Tuition and Student Fee Exemptions

A student may qualify for legislative exemption from the payment of tuition and certain fees and charges according to the following conditions. Contact the Student Financial Aid Office for procedures for determining eligibility prior to the registration process.

Claims for exemption from any charges and/or fees must be supported by evidence sufficient to enable the Student Financial Aid Office to verify the student’s exempt status and determine the duration of the exemption and the fees and charges to which it is applicable. Supporting document(s) must be in the Student Financial Aid Office before a student registers.

Tarleton State University Fee Exemptions
Fee Type Blind/Deaf (Texas Edu Code 54.205) Children of POWs and MIAs (Texas Edu Code 54.209) Dependents of Fireman and Police (Texas Edu code 54.204) Hazlewood-Texas Veterans dependent children and spouse of Texas Veterans (Texas Edu code 54.203) Foster Care Children (Texas Edu Code 54.211)
Student Services FeeXXX
Other Mandatory FeesXXXXX
Course Specific Lab FeesXXXXX
Breakage DepositX
Testing FeeXXXXX
Room Board


Fee Type Foster Care Children (Texas Edu Code 54.211) Adopted Students Formerly in Foster or Other Res Care (Texas Edu Code 54.2111) Students of Other Nations of American Hemisphere (Texas Edu Code 54.207) Valedictorian**(Texas Edu Code 54.201) Survivor of Public Servant (Killed in the line of Duty) (Texas Gov Code 615.0225 & 615.003)
Student Services FeeXXX
Other Mandatory FeesXXX
Course Specific Course FeesXXX
Breakage DepositX
Testing FeeXXX
Room BoardX


Fee Type Senior Citizen (6 sch limit) (Texas Edu Code 54.210) Good Neighbor Scholarship Program (Texas Edu Code 54.207) Nursing Faculty/Staff (Texas Edu Code 54.221) Clinical Preceptor (Limit $500) (Texas Edu Code 54.222) Firefighters Taking Fire Science Curriculum (Texas Edu Code 54.208)
Student Services Fee
Other Mandatory Fees
Course Specific Lab FeesX
Course Specific Course Fees
Breakage Deposit
Testing Fee
Room Board

**Awarded yearly to the highest ranking graduate of any accredited high school in Texas. Recipients are exempt from tuition payment for the two long semesters of their freshman year, providing that they attend the same school for both semesters. Eligible students should send or bring their certificate to the Financial Aid Office prior to registration.

Scholarship Application Deadlines


The following is a list of scholarships awarded by Tarleton State University by category.

Scholarships Based on Academic Criteria
Academic Affairs General ScholarshipMae Jones Endowed Scholarship
Academic Circle Graduate ScholarshipC. Richard King Scholarship
Barbara Jeanne Adams Memorial ScholarshipJ.V. & Lillie Ruth Laird Scholarship
Ag. & Consumer Sciences Student Teacher ScholarshipLambda Chi Alpha Mark Kilroy Memorial Endowed Scholarship
J. Brad & Nancy Gage Allen Endowed ScholarshipJakie Laughlin Endowed Scholarship
ARAMARK Food Service ScholarshipBarbara Lancaster Scholarship
Glenda Anderson Memorial ScholarshipCol. Charles Leigon Endowed Scholarship in Nursing
Ted Andreas, Sr. ScholarshipJames C. Leeth Memorial Scholarship
Joe W. Autry Endowed ScholarshipLewis Charles Link Endowed Scholarship
Sue Baker Memorial ScholarshipLockheed Martin Scholarship
Cecil Ballow Memorial Endowed ScholarshipLone Star Beefmaster Cattlewomen Scholarship
Carroll & Leta Barham ScholarshipLone Star Beefmaster Endowment Scholarship
Balfour Beatty Endowed ScholarshipJoe R. & Teresa L. Long Scholarship
Truman T. Bell ScholarshipJeffrey P. Longbotham Endowed Scholarship
Birdsong Endowment ScholarshipGrace Lyon/Dr. Pepper Endowed Scholarship
Bosque River Water Association Endowed ScholarshipMickey & Stella Nix Maguire Alumni Scholarship
J.W. & A.E. Bright Endowed ScholarshipBea Marin Nursing Scholarship
Phillip & Ruth Bratten ScholarshipBea Marin Veterans Nursing Scholarship
Edward L. Bicket ScholarshipGeorge Martin Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Dr. James Boyd Memorial EndowmentMath Club Scholarship
Arlie Brown Memorial Endowed ScholarshipLynda K. and A. Dwain Mayfield Endowed Scholarship in Engineering
Sue Carlson Memorial ScholarshipDennis & Mary Lou McCabe Presidential Endowed Scholarship
Arthur J. and Beatrice Robinson Carter Nursing Endowed ScholarshipLTC J.D. McCullough Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Nathan Cedars Endowed ScholarshipJay R. McDanel Education Scholarship
John S. Chapin Young Farmers Endowed ScholarshipSue McGinity Scholarship
The Chilton Family ScholarshipSam R. McInnis Scholarship
Carroll Lewis Clark ScholarshipRuth Scrimshire McCleskey Endowed Scholarship
Roberta Clay Journalism ScholarshipA.B. Medlen Endowment
Clinical Laboratory ScholarshipLouis and Josie Belle Merrill Endowed Scholarship
COAES/Hilley Scholarship for Graduate StudentsJohn Mitchell Moore Endowed Scholarship in Nursing
COBA Study Abroad ScholarshipHoward Nance Chemical Society Scholarship
COLFA Dean's Circle ScholarshipNepalese Student Society Scholarship
College of Business Administration ScholarshipHarold D. Nix Memorial Scholarship
College of Graduate Studies Masters/Doctoral ScholarshipPaul Pair Endowed Scholarship
Community College Bridge ScholarshipPanhandle-Plains Scholarship
O.C. & Allene Knox Cook ScholarshipJoe Parish Endowed Scholarship
Duncan Wills Corbett ScholarshipLoy Patton Endowed Nursing Scholarship
Bob & Zeta Wall Crews Endowed ScholarshipJohn D. & Alene Moorman Palmer Endowed Scholarship
Cross Timbers School Development ScholarshipDonald T. Pendleton Endowment Scholarship
Crystal Apple Society ScholarshipDonald T. & Bettejoe R. Pendleton Scholarship Endowment Fund
Patricia Cude CIS Endowed ScholarshipDorris & Grady Perry Memorial Scholarship
Marion Cummings Memorial ScholarshipAnn Bulecza Petronis Nursing Scholarship
Paul & Opal Cunyus Endowed ScholarshipPevehouse Range Management Scholarship
J. Thomas Davis EndowmentMeghan Keely Pharr Scholarship
C.J. “Red” Davidson Endowed ScholarshipPhi Theta Kappa Scholarship
Dawson-Blanchard Industrial Education & Technology ScholarshipCarl Phillips Memorial Scholarship
Uta Davis Endowed ScholarshipRandall Popken Endowed Scholarship
Davidson Presidential Academic ScholarshipPresidential Academic
Deans’ Academic ScholarshipPresident’s 1st Generation Student Success Scholarship
Edwin & Welba C. Dorsey Academic ScholarshipPresident’s Circle Scholarship
Linda Duncan Honorary Counseling Endowed ScholarshipPresident's Texan Scholarship
Betty Knudson Edgar Memorial Endowment ScholarshipMarshall “Digger” Procter
Patricia Egdorf Nursing ScholarshipProvost's Honors Scholarship
Lucy Ellis Endowed ScholarshipPsychology Scholarship
Zeddie & Ruby Edgar Memorial ScholarshipREAL Scholarship
Education and Psychology Department ScholarshipJesse Lee & Armour McCluer Richardson Endowed Scholarship
Bob & Peg Elliott Memorial AwardSwan & Gaynelle Richardson Endowed Scholarship
Engineering ScholarshipRick Roach Memorial Scholarship
English & Languages Endowed ScholarshipHonest John Rogers Scholarship
Minnie Fagan Endowed Scholarship in Elementary EducationSan Antonio Livestock Show & Rodeo Endowed Scholarship
Robert & Patricia Fain Teaching ScholarshipRichard Saunders Scholarship
Alex & Ruby Fambro Scholarship in Agriculture & RodeoRichard C. Schaffer Clinical Lab Sciences Scholarship
Fashion Merchandising ScholarshipWilliam Henry & Jessy Mays Sheffield Scholarship
John & Lillie May Farley Endowed Scholarship in Arts & SciencesDick Smith Scholarship in Arts & Sciences
Frances W. Fenner Memorial ScholarshipMcKee Jane Smith Endowed Memorial Scholarship
Winnie McAnelly Fiedler Memorial ScholarshipPatty Smith Memorial Endowed Scholarship
First-Time Graduate Student ScholarshipAnne M. Spitler Math Scholarship
C.M. “Dutch” Flory Memorial Scholarship in Physical EducationSociology Scholarship
Mary Fletcher EndowmentSpanish Scholarship
Audie & Zera Floyd Educational Trust ScholarshipThe Springfield Family Scholarship in Criminal Justice
Mary Anne Foreman Memorial ScholarshipStaff Council Scholarship
Flora Foust Graduate ScholarshipJackie W. & Bill E. Stallworth '51 International Business Excellence Scholarship
Fort Worth Police Department ScholarshipWilliam H. Stanley, Sr. Scholarship
James Mack Foust Endowed ScholarshipDavid & Debbie Stanphill Scholarship Stark Scholarship
Harold & Betty Freeman ScholarshipStephenville Optimist Club Robert C. Fain Honorary Scholarship
Dr. H. Bedford & Dr. Oneta Furr ScholarshipLeon B. Stinson Endowed Scholarship
Reuben Friou Memorial ScholarshipStudent Research Symposium Scholarship
Engineering Technology Founders ScholarshipGregory Scott Sultemeier Criminal Justice Memorial Scholarship
Follett Bookstore ScholarshipDr. Jesse L. Tackett Endowed Scholarship
Emma Mae & Evelyn Andrews Garrett Endowed Scholarship in Human SciencesTackett-Stahnke Soil Science Scholarship
Bailey Gasch ScholarshipTarleton Academic
General Studies Upward Bound Endowed ScholarshipTarleton General
Goodlett-Hensarling Endowed ScholarshipR.L. & Mattie Tate Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Mr. & Mrs. W.K. Gordon, Jr. Endowed ScholarshipJoy Terry Endowed Scholarship in Chemistry
Graduate Student Internship ScholarshipLee Edwin Terry Endowment
Jerry W. & Jean Graham Endowed ScholarshipTexas Pioneer Foundation Scholarship
O.A. Grant Scholarship in History/GovernmentTexas Seed Trade Association/American Seed Trade Association Scholarship
T.C. & Jill Granberry Alumni ScholarshipI. B. Thomas Hydrology Scholarship
Granbury Wine Walk ScholarshipDr. Barry B. Thompson Theatre Scholarship
Greater Texas Foundation Freshman Immersion in Teaching ScholarshipTop Academic Partners Scholarship
Dr. Christopher Guthrie History ScholarshipBernie Amos and Lorraine Yarbrough Trice Memorial Endowed Scholarship
John Fielding Higgs Memorial ScholarshipW.O. Trogdon Endowment
Charles H. Hale Memorial Endowed ScholarshipVance & Violet Terrell Scholarship in Nursing
Bob Hallmark Graduate ScholarshipTarleton Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship
Rocky and Tracey Hardin ScholarshipTarleton Alumni Association Baylor Nursing Scholarship
Rachel Harrist Memorial ScholarshipTarrant County College Math Competition Scholarship
H.H. Hassler Memorial Equine ScholarshipWillie L. & Eve K. Tate Scholarship
Willene Lowery Hendrick Nursing ScholarshipJewell Taylor Dietetics Scholarship
Lonnie & Clara Herring ScholarshipTexas Ranger Law Enforcement Association Criminal Justice Scholarship
COAES Deans' Development Fund Hilley ScholarshipTexas Seed Trade Association Scholarship
Mandy Holmes Memorial Endowed ScholarshipBarry B. Thompson Science Education Endowed Scholarship
Hohenberger Ag. Economics ScholarshipTown & Country Bank Dublin High School Scholarship
Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo Agricultural ScholarshipTSU Middle School Mathematics Scholarship
E.J. Howell Memorial ScholarshipTSU Student Nurses’ Association Senior Scholarship
Ida Lou Nelson Holmes Scholarship in Human SciencesTSU Student Nurses’ Association Sophomore Scholarship
Honors Degree Program ScholarshipTwentieth Century Club Scholarship
Leveta Hord Endowment Fund ScholarshipDr. Sara Tyler Memorial Scholarship
Human Sciences Assistance ScholarshipMurrie Wainscott Scholarship
International Studies Internship ScholarshipRobert B. Waller Endowed Graduate Scholarship
Evelyn Floyd & Leslie (Al) Jennings ScholarshipWashington D.C. Internship Scholarship
Herbert Jarrett Social Work ScholarshipCoy L. Watson Class of 1939 Scholarship
Danny Jenkins Memorial ScholarshipLucile W. Whisenand Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Pauline “Polly” Jenkins Memorial ScholarshipHosey-Whitman Scholarship
Lamar & Maryilynn T. Johanson Scholarship EndowmentEvelyn Wisdom Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Johnson County Master Gardener Association ScholarshipGeorge Wiedebusch Scholarship
Johnny Johnson Memorial Scholarship
Presidential Honors Program
Joy Gallant Archer ScholarshipW.L. (Bill) & Barbara Terrell Nix Honors Program Study Abroad Endowed Scholarship
Edward Larry Bicket Presidential Honors ScholarshipRobert & Ireta Pittman Endowed Scholarship
Andrea Bernice Brenner-McMullen Presidential Honors ScholarshipHoward F. & Willie Dee Ross Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Daniel Ross Carpenter Presidential Honors ScholarshipLouise & Tommy Thompson Presidential Honors Scholarship
Frederick Thomas & Madeline Tolksdorf Crimmins Criminal Justice Presidential HonorsNita Todd Presidential Honors Scholarship
Crimmins Criminal Justice Presidential Honors ScholarshipHenry Todd Presidential Honors Scholarship
Helen Crimmins and Aurelia Tolksdorf Presidential Honors ScholarshipDr. James Clark Terrell Presidential Honors Scholarship
Herman Funston Honorary Endowed Scholarship for Presidential Honors ScholarsDora L. Willard & Ellen W. Willard Terrell Presidential Honors Scholarship
Guin Lemke Presidential Honors ScholarshipJ.L. Todd Presidential Honors Scholarship
Roy & Mildred McKnight Endowed ScholarshipTown & Country Bank Presidential Honors Scholarship
Audrey Myers Memorial Scholarship for Presidential Honors ScholarsClyde H. Wells Presidential Honors Scholarship
M.D. McElroy Presidential Honors ScholarshipRoyce Wisenbaker Presidential Honors Scholarship
Will & Pearl Nix Presidential Honors Scholarship
Scholarships Based on Leadership & Other Criteria
Agriculture Career Development Endowed ScholarshipCurtis L. Meeks Upward Bound Scholarship
Agriculture Contest ScholarshipMills County Scholarship
Agricultural Services & Development Alumni ScholarshipMVSC Veterans Assistance Scholarship
Agricultural Special Need ScholarshipW.L. & Barbara Nix Erath County Scholarship
Allen Cattle Management ScholarshipOtho & Ellen Phillips Endowed Scholarship
Alpha Gamma Delta Epsilon Upsilon Alumnae Endowed ScholarshipRecreational Sports Memorial Scholarship
Alpha Phi Omega Alumni ScholarshipRennie & Hugley Memorial Scholarship in Nursing
Ben and Nellie Baty Endowed ScholarshipResidential Living/Learning Leader Scholarship
Ashley Beasley Memorial ScholarshipRuby Nell Ruth Endowed Scholarship
Gary Wayne Brannon ScholarshipJacob Sandlin Memorial Scholarship
Brown FoundationDr. Verne & Pearl Kern Scott Endowed Scholarship
W.P. & Lucille Brummett Endowed ScholarshipSHS Class of 1961 Endowed Scholarship
Major J.W. Burkett Memorial ScholarshipSHS/Tarleton Academic Reciprocal Scholars
John Caraway Memorial Endowed Nursing ScholarshipSouthwest Meat Assn. Foundation
Class of 2014 Agribusiness ScholarshipBrett Spindor Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Major William Clay, Jr. Memorial ScholarshipDeanna Supercinski & Janna Walker Memorial Scholarship
COAHS ScholarshipJune Arthur Shannon Scholarship
COBA Select Sires, Inc. Agricultural ScholarshipDr. W.H. Stanley, Sr. Scholarship
Comanche County ScholarshipTAA Edwin Dyess Veteran Memorial Scholarship
DeLeon, Texas Ex-students Association ScholarshipTanton Family Granbury High School Scholarship
William Edwin Dyess Endowed ScholarshipTanton Familty Dublin High School Scholarship
Erath County Retired Teachers Endowed ScholarshipTarleton Ambassador Core Values Scholarship
Bobby Fox Memorial EndowmentJohn Tarleton Leadership Academy Scholarship
Oscar Frazier EndowmentTarleton Parents Association Scholarship
Jerry Flemmons Memorial Endowed ScholarshipTarleton Professional Educators Scholarship
Tony and Gina Gaither Memorial Endowed ScholarshipTarleton State University SGA Zach Shaver Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Gifford Family Veterans Endowed ScholarshipTexan Reps Scholarship
Golden Family ScholarshipTexan Rider Spirit Leadership Scholarship
Harris Methodist Hospital-Erath County Endowed Scholarship In Sports MedicineTexan Sports Medicine Association Endowment and Scholarship Fund
Ben Hogan ScholarshipTriCounty Agribusiness
Brian K. Iley Memorial ScholarshipTSU Foundation, Inc. Endowed Scholarship
LTC Sam Jeffers ROTC ScholarshipTSU Meats Team Endowment
Larry Janca Kahlbau Endowed ScholarshipUniversity Academic Leadership
Roscoe & Halcie Maker Endowed ScholarshipWichita Farm & Ranch Club Scholarship
Judge & Mrs. Almon Maus ScholarshipW.J. Wisdom Endowment
Dr. Dennis P. McCabe Student Endowment ScholarshipZonta Club Loy Patton Scholarship
Scholarships Based on Need & Other Criteria
Dextor & Leroy Ator Endowed ScholarshipVirginia Powell Scholarship
Joy Gallant Archer Memorial Endowed ScholarshipPresidential Need-Based Scholarship
Sue Baker ScholarshipJames Winston Randle Endowed Scholarship
Paul D. & Gerry B. Bearden Endowed ScholarshipShanon Rasco Scholarship for Physically Disabled Students
Dwain & Carolyn Bruner Endowed ScholarshipRemoving Educational Barriers Endowed Scholarship
Class of 1948 Endowed ScholarshipAnnie Myra Schuman Nursing Scholarship
Richard & Suzy Coan Endowed ScholarshipDr. Verne A. Scott Scholarship
Josephine Garrett Donaldson ScholarshipSecond Chance Scholarship
Doss Foundation ScholarshipRichard T. Shigley Memorial Scholarship
M. S. & Meek Lane Doss ScholarshipSpirit of Tarleton Scholarship
Evans Family ScholarshipStephenville Study Club Endowed Scholarship
Florence Peek Foust ScholarshipSunGard Generation Proud Scholarship
Drucilla Eberhart George Memorial Endowed ScholarshipTexas Association of Ag. Consultants Endowed Scholarship
Walter and Sara George ScholarshipJames H. & Betty Tally Endowed Scholarship
Truby Glasscock Endowed ScholarshipTarleton Flame Scholarship
Eleanor Golding Memorial ScholarshipTarleton Pride Scholarship
Cora Rohne Goodman & Kings’ Daughters Nursing Alumnae Dean & Gloria Taylor/Kwik Kar Scholarship
Association Memorial ScholarshipRichard L. Thompson Endowed Scholarship
Willis-Gordon Endowed ScholarshipThormann Endowed Scholarship
E.R. & Sammye Henningsen ScholarshipDimple Obedia Tunnell Endowed Scholarship
Gladys Hale Endowed ScholarshipRoger & Ruth Turney Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Gloria M. Hewlett Endowed ScholarshipStanley G. and Mary Ann Westbrook Endowed Scholarship
Reecie & Opal Jones Endowed ScholarshipLee Wayne Wheeler Scholarship
Lee Law Firm ScholarshipTAA Don Winn Scholarship
Ethal Lewallen Memorial ScholarshipKathleen Wisdom Endowed Scholarship
Mary Garrett Lindley Memorial ScholarshipHal W. & Winnie F. Wright Endowed Scholarship
Clifton J. Morvant Endowed ScholarshipJuanita Dixon Zonta Single Parent Scholarship
Performance-Based Scholarships
Athletic Performance Intern ScholarshipPearl Mahan Writing Scholarship
Band ScholarshipMary Jane Mingus Endowed Scholarship
Bass Club ScholarshipDonald W. Morton Music Scholarship Music
Kacee Bradley Top Hand Rodeo ScholarshipSue Medlen Music Scholarship
Busby Quarter Horse ScholarshipDonald & Dahlee Morton Endowed Piano Scholarship
John Caraway Memorial Endowed Music ScholarshipPiano Performance Scholarship
Dr. Marie Meisel Cedars Memorial ScholarshipPresidential Rodeo Scholarship
Center Stage ScholarshipSwan & Ertith Richardson Endowment
Cheerleader ScholarshipDavid C. Riggins Memorial Scholarship
Choir ScholarshipRodeo Activity Scholarship
Caden Coltharp Memorial ScholarshipRodeo Stall Scholarship
Drama ScholarshipTSU Rodeo Association Scholarship
Perry & Meldeene Elliott Endowed Athletic ScholarshipROTC Scholarship
Kenneth Evatt Rodeo ScholarshipEarl Rudder Endowed Scholarship
Joe Fambro Memorial Endowed ScholarshipStudent Services Rodeo Scholarship
Jerry Flemmons DramaRick Tackett Memorial Scholarship
Mike Myers & Oscar Frazier Track/Field ScholarshipHerb Teat Endowment
Charles & Lucille FrohTexan Stars Scholarship
John Franks Memorial Endowed ScholarshipTown & Country Bank Rodeo Scholarship
Morris & Beverly Gifford ScholarshipVisual Art Scholarship
Daniel Parker Herd Memorial Endowed ScholarshipClyde H. Wells Fine Arts Scholarship
Hunewell BandJana Williamson Memorial Endowed Scholarship
International Piano Major ScholarshipC.A. Wisdom Music Endowment
Marguerite Landress Memorial Endowed Scholarship in MusicCol. Ray & Pat Yantis ROTC Endowed Scholarship
Ethel Lewallen Fine ArtsMarty Yates Rodeo Scholarship
Ethel Lewallen Memorial ScholarshipZonta Beaulah Brown Rodeo Scholarship
A Diamond in Our Eyes: The Sade Lowery Memorial Scholarship

Tarleton State University also awards NCAA Division II Athletic Scholarships to male and female student athletes.