Student Success and Multicultural Initiatives

The mission for Student Success and Multicultural Initiatives (SSMI) is to provide academically-based services and intellectual opportunities for/to students, faculty, staff, and the global community by facilitating collaboration through schools, services, and research. Focused on our mission, SSMI has two (2) primary functions: 1) to increase student success by providing programs, services and courses and 2) to provide multicultural programs, services, and experiences. 

SSMI is comprised of the following departments:

  1. Academic Advising Center - Degree Plan Evaluations, Continuous Advising - Year Round
  2. Academic Support Center - Supplemental Instruction and Tutoring
  3. Career Services Center - comprehensive career development program to assist students in developing and implementing a strategic career plan

  4. Center for Access and Academic Testing (formerly Student Assessment Services & Student Disability Services) - Entrance Exams, Credit by Examination, Placement Exams, Graduate Exams, Testing Accommodations, Exam Proctoring, and Accommodations for Students with Documented Disabilities
  5. Center for Academic Readiness and Success (formerly Student Success Programs) - Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Program, Rules for Students in Developmental Courses, Placement and Continuing Enrollment Rules Related to Freshmen-Level Mathematics and English Courses
  6. Upward Bound - Services and Support for High School Students from Low-Income Families to Prepare for Higher Education
  7. Office of Diversity and Inclusion - Diversity Programming, Outreach and Consultation Services, MENtal Freedom, Tarleton Allies, Multicultural Ambassadors
  8. Office of International Programs/Study Abroad - Services and Programs for International Students, Experiences and Opportunities for Current Students to Study Abroad/US, facilitates applications for International Education Fee Scholarships

Dr. Jennifer T. Edwards
Student Success and Multicultural Initiatives
Barry B. Thompson Student Center, Room 15
Box T-0340
Stephenville, Texas 76402