Center for Transformative Learning

The Center for Transformative Learning serves as the host for many activities and partnerships between the University and the community through service learning and continuing education opportunities. These collaborative partnerships allow knowledge and resources to be combined to encourage learning, service, and research beyond the walls of Tarleton.

Center for Transformative Learning

Service Learning

Service Learning is a form of collaborative experiential education where learning occurs through a cycle of action and reflection.   Students provide meaningful service to benefit the community while developing personal and social responsibility and cognitive abilities. Students improve academic skills by applying what they have learned in the classroom to the real word.  Service Learning helps students link theory to practice, develop an advanced sense of civic responsibility, and gain a deeper understanding of subject matter.

The Applied Learning Experience (ALE) initiative encourages students to get involved in becoming better prepared for the real world after graduation. Students who are involved with the ALE program not only receive recognition at graduation but are better prepared for professional careers. Each student works directly with faculty and/or staff to relate coursework to the real world while building an e-portfolio. Connections made throughout research and experience during ALEs are extremely helpful for students when job and/or graduate school searching for after graduation.

Students may also seek out volunteer opportunities related to academic or personal interests through the All for Good Volunteer Opportunities widget at

Service Day

Service Day provides opportunities for Tarleton Texans to engage in the community, address a community need, connect knowledge learned in the classroom to the service experience, and enhance skills by serving the community.

Service Day will be held each Spring semester for Tarleton’s faculty, staff and students to provide service to our communities. On Service Day classes are replaced with academic service projects related to a student’s future profession.  Service projects are organized by various colleges/departments, and are available for students on TexanSync.

Continuing Education

Tarleton’s Continuing Education program offers a wide variety of non-credit courses, both online and in-person.  These non-credit courses may be taken by credit-seeking students to supplement degree coursework, or learn a new skill before entering the job market.  Additionally, leisure learning and personal enrichment courses are available for students who desire to learn a new hobby or life skill. A list of current and future offerings is available at

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