Student Affairs

The Division of Student Affairs creates communities that provide a sense of belonging and engages students to be successful. To achieve this mission, Student Affairs provides outstanding programs and services for students in the following departments: Assessment & Strategic Initiatives, Campus Recreation, Community Outreach, Dean of Students Administrative Office, Fraternity and Sorority Life, Lance Zimmerman Department of Student Involvement, Tradition, Spirit, and Family Relations, Leadership and Service, New Student Programs, Office of Diversity, Inclusion, and International Programs, Residence Life, Rodeo Activities, Student Counseling Services, Student Government Association, Student Health Services, Student Media, and University Police.

Assessment & Strategic Initiatives

Assessment & Strategic Initiatives promotes holistic student success by contributing to a culture of continuous improvement for departments within the Division of Student Affairs. Administered assessments provide stakeholders data to make evidence-based decisions in order to offer relevant programs and services.

Campus Recreation

Campus Recreation provides a variety of recreational activities and events to meet the physical fitness and/or personal enjoyment needs of students, retirees, faculty/staff and spouses. Extracurricular opportunities are coordinated and implemented to provide intramural team and individual sports, self-directed activities, and special events.

The Recreation Sports Center is a 70,000 square foot facility, housing a weight room, climbing wall, four racquetball courts, men’s and women’s locker rooms, outdoor pursuits equipment check-out, three basketball/volleyball courts, three badminton courts, and two classrooms. The second floor includes two group fitness rooms, cardio machines, a three-lane track, and the administrative office suite.

The Aquatics Center is an 8-lane/25-yard indoor lap pool with a wet-dry classroom and locker rooms. The outdoor pool consists of a leisure area with tanning ledges for students. Memberships are available for students, faculty, staff, retirees, graduates, spouses, and community members.

The Vance Terrell Intramural Complex is equipped with one turf and two grass all-purpose fields to serve various organized and open recreational activities. Intramural Sports programs played at this facility include flag football, soccer, and softball while Sport Clubs include rugby, lacrosse, and soccer.

Fitness/Wellness programming is available to meet the fitness and wellness needs of Campus Recreation students and members. Examples of wellness include Group Fit classes, weight room and cardio areas of the facility, personal training services, and wellness workshops.

Tarleton Challenge is an energizing ropes course learning experience through a combination of high and low elements conducted by trained facilitators. Participants enjoy safe, fun, unique and innovative opportunities to promote group and personal growth and team-building, as well as communication and trust.

For more information visit or call 254-968-9912.

Community Outreach

Student Affairs seeks to provide students the opportunity to become engaged within the civic community in which students reside while attending Tarleton. Civic engagement may take place by becoming a registered voter, participating in local, state, and national elections, attending community events, volunteerism, and being a good neighbor in both on and off campus living environments. Student Affairs Community Outreach will encourage students to live Tarleton’s core values.

Dean of Students Administrative Office

The Dean of Students Administrative Office provides essential services to students in the following areas: student conduct, Campus Assessment Response Evaluation (CARE) team, student concerns, temporary disability support, and absence requests. The Dean of Students Administrative Office is dedicated to maintaining a safe campus and implementing a holistic learning and development approach through the enforcement of the Code of Student Conduct. Students are expected to act with integrity, responsibility, and respect while attending Tarleton State University and to follow the Student Conduct Code. The Dean of Students Administrative Office holds all students accountable to these established standards and expectations. In addition to student conduct, the Dean of Students Administrative Office oversees support services that students may need while attending classes. These services include guidance/support for any student concerns and academic support during temporary medical leave or a death of an immediate family member.  For additional information and support visit:  or contact 254-968-9080.

Fraternity and Sorority Life

Fraternity and Sorority Life at Tarleton provides opportunities for brotherhood/sisterhood, scholarship, leadership and service. Groups range from social to social/professional and offer numerous activities that include community engagement, philanthropy events and social activities. The variety of fraternities and sororities on campus allow students the opportunity to select one that will best fit their needs. Recruitment is held during the first few weeks of the fall and spring semesters. Students who are strong leaders in serving their communities may be considered for membership in the Order of Omega which recognizes Greek-based leadership. For more information go to or call 254-968-1876 or 254-968-9252.

The Lance Zimmerman Department of Student Involvement, Tradition, Spirit & Family Relations

While academic success is the highest priority, participation in The Lance Zimmerman Department of Student Involvement, Tradition, Spirit & Family Relations can add an important dimension to the university experience. Through student organizations and co-curricular activities, students build their co-curricular transcript through social development, project management and leadership experiences.

Student Involvement

  •   Registered Student Organizations (RSO) provide opportunities for development in the areas of leadership, personal management, collaboration, supervision, organization, communication, networking, event planning, and relationship building. Visit TexanSync to explore the more than 120 active student organizations on all Tarleton campuses.
  • Tarleton Activities Board (T.A.B.) The Tarleton Activities Board (T.A.B.) is the student-focused, value-driven activities board that responds to student interests by hosting entertainment opportunities which encourage students to connect and engage with one another and the campus community. T.A.B. offers a variety of recreational, educational, social, cultural, and other extra-curricular programs throughout each semester. Please email for more information.

Tradition & Spirit

  • Howdy Week & Welcome Back Week: Howdy Week is held the first week of the Fall semester and Welcome Back Week the first week of the Spring semester. These programs are designed to welcome students back to campus through a variety of events including informational tents, Texan Bingo, Comedian Night, Movie on the Lawn, Meet the Greeks, and Welcome Back Picnic.
  • Founder's Week is a week filled with traditional events showcasing school spirit. Traditionally held in April, each day highlights a different tradition. Events include Cruise the Isle (land), May Fete, Grassburr Bash, Oscar P Birthday Bash, Silver Taps and the announcements of Lord/Lady Tarleton and Mr./Ms. Tarleton.
  • Purple Reign is the official student section at all Tarleton State University sporting events. The student-led organization is supported by the Lance Zimmerman Department of Student Involvement, Traditions, Spirit & Family Relations and Tarleton Athletics. For more information contact

Family Relations

Tarleton's Family Relations program is a support-based initiative that assists parent/guardian(s) to continue guiding their Tarleton student on a successful path. Through the Parent Portal, families are encouraged to be engaged, informed and connected to one another while supporting their student on their Tarleton journey. The Tarleton Parents’ Association (TPA) is a fee-based organization that promotes the University though service opportunities and encourages communication between parents, administration, faculty, staff and students. For more information go to or call (254) 968-9490.

Leadership and Service Programs

Tarleton Leadership Programs intend to instill the university's core values into students. Through programs and organizations students will gain experience and receive guidance to foster growth, development, and help create student leaders that become community leaders. Tarleton Leadership and Service Programs host Tarleton Round-Up, an annual Tarleton Day of Service and advise student leadership organizations like Tarleton Serves. Students also have opportunities for leadership training and professional development through events such as Leadership 101. Leadership and Service Programs encourages students to make a difference by volunteering. Students who earn 189.9 volunteer hours during their time at Tarleton can receive a graduation cord to wear as they cross the stage. Students seeking to learn about their skills may take the StrengthsQuest Assessment to learn their top 5 strengths and how to apply and develop these strengths through their college career. Students may be invited to be members of Omicron Delta Kappa, a National Leadership Honor Society. Please call 254-968-1899 for more information.

The Division of Student Affairs proudly hosts the annual Leadership and Service Awards Banquet each spring semester. Students are recognized for their accomplishments and are celebrated with a special event hosted in their honor.

New Student Programs

New Student Programs hosts orientation and extended orientation programming designed to ease the transition to university life, including the Texan 3-Step, the Transfer 2-Step, and Texan Orientation Online.  For more information visit our website: or contact 254-968-9256.

The Texan 3-Step

New students admitted for the fall semester can expect a three-phase acclimation to the university:

  • Texan Orientation is designed to give students and their support systems an opportunity to interact with Tarleton faculty, staff, and administrators. This one-day even educations students and those who support them about the resources Tarleton offers to help set them on a path toward graduation.
  • Duck Camp is a three-day, two-night experience for incoming freshman that eases the transition from high school into college.  At Duck Camp you are immersed in Tarleton's rick history and traditions while bonding with classmates and student leaders.
  • Texan Transition Week, also known as "T-Week", begins with the first-year move-in experience and continues through the first day of class.  T-Week helps students make successful transition into the academic and campus community. 

The Transfer 2-Step

Admitted transfer students are not required to complete a formal orientation. However, New Student Programs offers the following help to ensure our transfer students transition successfully:

  • Texan Camp is a three-day, two-night experience for transfer students to experience together.  At Texan Camp, you are immersed in Tarleton's rich history and traditions while bonding with classmates and student leaders.
  • Texan Transition Week, also known as "T-Week", helps transfer students make a successful transition from their previous institution into our Tarleton campus community.

Texan Orientation Online

For students that are admitted to start in the spring or summer terms, New Student Programs offers educational modules through Texan Orientation Online. This online platform ensures that all students can learn about campus resources and services, even if they are not admitted on the cycle that offers participation in face-to-face programming.  

Office of Diversity, Inclusion, and International Programs

The Office of Diversity, Inclusion, and International Programs is committed to celebrating diversity, promoting inclusion, and pursuing equity for the whole Tarleton community. Through advocacy, training, and affirmation, the Office of Diversity, Inclusion, and International Programs supports underrepresented populations on campus and provides services to our international students from more than 28 countries. To learn more about the programs offered through the Office of Diversity, Inclusion and International Programs, visit or call 254-968-9488.

Residence Life

Work performed by staff in Residence Life transforms students through a community experience that promotes intentional connections to peers, faculty, staff, university resources and invaluable learning experiences.

Tarleton State University offers no fewer than 11 residential facilities that provide a wide variety of room designs and price points to meet the needs of our diverse student body. Each residence hall offers a unique and comfortable environment for students. Residence hall rooms are equipped with bedroom furniture, cable TV (TV not provided), and Internet/WiFi as well as a combination refrigerator/freezer with a microwave unit. Laundry facilities are offered in each residential environment. Hall staff members live on-site and among the residents to provide students with the assistance needed to succeed socially and academically.

A two-year campus residency requirement is in place for all undergraduate students and students classified as first-year students (regardless of assignment) are required to purchase at least a 12-meals/week meal plan. Visit  for specific information regarding meal plans.

On-Campus Housing Requirement

Residing on campus creates an environment where students experience more success. Therefore, Tarleton supports an on-campus living requirement of:

Two (2) academic years for:

  • all “First Time Freshman” students who are younger than 21 years of age, prior to the start of the first registered semester
  • all “Transfer” students who are younger than 21 years of age with less than 12 credit hours excluding dual credit hours, prior to the start of the first registered semester

One (1) academic year for:

  • all “Transfer” students who are younger than 21 years of age with 12 credit hours or more excluding dual credit hours, prior to the start of the first registered semester

As a resident of campus housing, a student must have a meal plan for use in University dining facilities. The housing contract occupancy period is the entire academic year, which includes both the fall and spring semesters. Students may file for an exemption to this requirement for the following reasons:

  • The student graduated from high school at least two years prior to the start of the semester.
  • The student will be 21 years of age or older prior to the start of the semester.
  • The student is a married student or a single parent with at least one dependent child.
  • The student currently resides, and will continue to reside, in the established primary residence of a parent or legal guardian with 45 miles of the Tarleton State University Stephenville Campus.
  • The student will reside with a sibling who is a registered student at Tarleton State University and will reside at the address that is located within 45 miles of the Tarleton State University Stephenville Campus.
  • The student is a transfer student with 60 or more successfully completed transfer credit hours that are not AP/Advanced Placement and/or dual credit hours.
  • The student is taking eight credit hours or fewer as a part-time student.
  • The student has a financial hardship.
  • Medical reasons.

It is recommended that students not arrange to live off campus until a request for exemption has been approved, and the Off-Campus Request Form submitted with supporting documentation, by the Department of Residence Life staff. Submission of the Off-Campus Request Form can only occur through the housing portal, which is accessed by the student. For more information about exceptions to the Campus Housing Residence Requirement or the Off-Campus Request Form, call the Department of Residence Life at 254-968-9083.

Housing Application

Housing application information is available online at Students may complete their housing application through their "student" tab found after logging in through "My Gateway."  A $100 non-refundable application fee must be submitted with all applications. Applications are processed for assignment in order of the date they are completed. A housing application is not complete until the $100 non-refundable application fee has been submitted and the student has been admitted to the university. Contact the Department of Residence Life at 254-968-9083 or visit for more information.

Living-Learning Communities

A Living-Learning Community is a smaller cohort of students (approximately 30 students) pursuing a common academic purpose and experience. Living-Learning Community students will be assigned together in a cluster of rooms in a specific residential area and will be enrolled in a pair/set of major-specific courses required for their field of study. Participation in this program allows students to be part of a group living together in the community and enrolled in one (1) or more courses together. Some opportunities exist for students to participate in Living-Learning Communities designed around an applied learning experience such as service or sustainability. These students live together in a residence hall and commit to fulfilling the requirements identified for the learning experience outside of the classroom. Students benefit from the relationships established among their peers, faculty and staff associated with each Living-Learning Community and typically experience increased levels of academic success. Students interested in our Living-Learning Community programs can indicate their interest through their Housing Application/Contract. Students will be evaluated for eligibility and, if eligible, assigned to an appropriate Living-Learning Community based on space availability. Students who are not eligible will be assigned to an available space on campus. For more information, view the live-learn links on our website: or call the Department of Residence Life at 254 968-9083.

Meningitis Vaccine

Texas Legislative Bill 4189 requires each student assigned to live on-campus to provide proof of a meningitis vaccine obtained no less than 10 days prior to moving into the on-campus environment. For more details about this requirement, go to or call 254 968-9125.

Rodeo Activities

The Office of Rodeo Activities provides students the opportunity to remain involved in rodeo activities at the intercollegiate level as they study for their undergraduate and graduate degrees. Tarleton State University is a member of the National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association (NIRA) and competes in the Southwest Region as one of the largest teams in the nation. The Tarleton Rodeo team provides students with the opportunity to be a part of and participate in events such as the Halloween Rodeo, 10 NIRA sanctioned rodeos, and various fundraising events. Interaction with the Stephenville and surrounding communities allows for students to meet with potential future employers once they complete their degrees. The Office of Rodeo Activities proudly announces their new home and practice facility located several miles north of Stephenville at the previous location of Clinton Anderson’s Down Under Horsemanship Ranch.  Scholarships are available for rodeo athletes based on success both academically and in the arena. For more information go to or call 254-968-9187.

Student Counseling Services

Student Counseling Services provides counseling services, both face-to-face and virtually (when appropriate), to all students enrolled at Tarleton and paying the Health Services Fee. The mission of Student Counseling Services is to provide exemplary services to as many students as possible with the express purpose of transforming student lives.  We promote wellness by assisting students from all backgrounds to accomplish their academic, career, and personal developmental goals.  The student health fee covers counseling services, so students are not charged any additional fees.  We offer individual, couples, pre-marital, family, and group counseling, along with consultation services. The SCS also provides preventative educational outreach programs to organizations across the campus. Presentations include topics such as stress management, test anxiety, relationship issues, positive body image, drug and alcohol use, and other topics as requested. The office is committed to diversity and meeting the needs of a changing university community. Appointments may be scheduled by calling 254-968-9044. All counseling services are confidential within the limits outlined by Texas Law and Professional Ethics. For more information go to or call 254-968-9044.

Student Government Association

The Student Government Association is the representative voice of Tarleton students and it is directly responsible for bringing the interests and concerns of students to the attention of the administration and university community. For more information, go to the Student Government Association website:

Student Health Services

Student Health Services provides health care services to students enrolled at Tarleton State University including the Stephenville, Fort Worth, Midlothian, RELIS-Bryan, and Waco locations.  The student health fee covers office visits. Reasonable fees are charged for treatment, injections, tests and medications. Identification card presentation is required with each visit.

Services provided include prescription and over-the-counter medications, treatment of minor/acute illnesses and injuries, suturing of simple lacerations, removal of simple skin lesions, services of a medical doctor or nurse practitioner, administration of allergy injections as directed by the student’s allergist, consultations regarding any health problems (including referrals), blood pressure checks and the continuation of health care following surgery or illness as directed by a physician.

Students who have graduated from a public school in Texas should have current immunization status. The State of Texas requires students who will be living on campus for the first time to show proof of vaccination against Bacterial Meningitis. The vaccination for Bacterial Meningitis must be received at least 10 days prior to moving on campus. Tuberculosis (TB) testing, tetanus, meningitis, influenza (fall semester only), and hepatitis B vaccines are available at the Student Health Center. Physical exams and women’s health exams and birth control are also available for a reasonable fee. Health literature is available for personal and educational purposes.

All x-rays, laboratory tests, and medical services conducted outside of the Student Health Center are performed at the student’s expense. Student Health Services is an advocate for the physically disabled. The university offers students a comprehensive injury and sickness insurance plan through the Texas A&M System to cover students beyond the resources of Student Health Services. For more information, call 254-968-9271 or go to

Student Media

The department of Student Media oversees the production of the JTAC, the official campus newspaper; the Grassburr, the official yearbook for Tarleton State University; and manages the on-campus print shop, The Source. The department is also charged with managing all marketing and communication efforts for the Division of Student Affairs. All publications and marketing projects are conceptualized, developed, and produced by staff comprised of Tarleton students. As a student-driven department, Student Media offers various opportunities to gain real-world experience, develop critical personal and career skills, and create powerful portfolios. For more information, call 254-968-9056 or go to . Learn more about JTAC News at

Thompson Student Center

The Thompson Student Center provides programs, services, and facilities that are responsive to the needs of students, faculty, staff and the local community. As the center of university community life, it serves as an arena for students to apply their educational experiences outside the classroom.

The 103,000 square foot facility features four meeting rooms, three ballrooms, a student printing service, a gaming area, several campus life departments, the campus bookstore, food court, post office, and individual and group study areas. For more information go to or call 254-968-9383.

University Police Department

The safety and security of the campus community is the number one priority of the University Police Department. Staffed by fully licensed police officers, the department operates around the clock and every day to ensure a positive environment for students to live, learn and interact. Additionally, the department offers safety escorts across campus vehicle jump-starts for dead batteries and will unlock your car if your keys are locked inside. Call 911 for emergencies or 254-968-9002 for anything else. We are always just a phone call away.