College of Liberal & Fine Arts

The College of Liberal and Fine Arts has two missions. First, to provide courses in the humanities, social sciences, and fine arts that comprise part of the general education requirements required of all University students; and secondly, to provide major fields of study in the social sciences, humanities, fine arts, and criminal justice.

Degree programs available in the College of Liberal and Fine Arts provide the foundation required for many professional and related fields. Also included are specialized programs that are professionally oriented and lead to careers in such fields as teaching, criminal justice, military science, and the performing arts. The College of Liberal and Fine Arts is organized into five departments and one school:

  1. Department of Communication Studies
  2. Department of English and Languages, including Foreign Languages
  3. Department of Fine Arts, including Art, Digital Media, Music, and Theatre
  4. Department of Social Sciences, including History, Political Science, Geography, Philosophy, Religion Studies, and Sociology
  5. Department of Criminal Justice
  6. School of Criminology, Criminal Justice, and Strategic Studies
    1. Department of Military Science
    2. Department of Leadership and Strategic Studies

The College of Liberal and Fine Arts also offers the following minors:

Digital Media Studies

Required Courses
ARTS 1316Drawing I3
ARTS 2348Digital Art I3
Digital Art Electives in Design or Technology6
Advanced Digital Art Electives in Design or Technology6
Total Hours18

Minor in Digital Media Studies advisor: Chris Ireland (

Minor in Ethnic and Cultural Studies

Required Courses
Select 18 Hours from the following:18
Introduction to Archeology
Cultural Anthropology
Art Appreciation
Intercultural Communication
Criminal Justice:
Comparative Criminal Justice
Literature and Film
Cultural Studies
Genre Studies
Fine Arts:
Visual and Theatre Arts
The Art of Film
The Arts in Contemporary Society
Introduction to Human Geography
The Geography of Texas
Women and Gender in U.S. History
History of the American Borderlands
Slavery and the American South
Fine Arts Appreciation
World Religions
Music Appreciation
Political Science:
Political Economy of Globalization
International Politics
Environmental Politics
Comparative Politics
European Politics
Politics of Latin America
Politics of the Middle East
International Environmental Issues
Environmental Law
Foreign Policy
Conflict Studies
Peace Studies
World Religions
Social Work:
Social Welfare in America
Social Work with Diverse Populations
Women's Issues
Social Science:
Introductory Sociology
Social Problems
Race and Ethnic Relations
Environmental Sociology
Social Stratification and Inequality
Sociological Theory
Sociology of Religion
Social Psychology
Gender in Society
Age and Ethnic Stratification

Minor in Ethnic and Cultural Studies advisors: Dr. Marcy Tanter ( and Dr. Lora Helvie-Mason (

Minor in Fashion Studies

Required Courses
FASH 1301Apparel Development3
FASH 1312Pattern Design3
FASH 2338Fabric Fundamentals3
FASH 2306Fashion Industry3
FASH 3301Fashion History3
FASH 4308 [WI] Fashion Forecasting3
Total Hours18

 Minor in Fashion Studies advisor: Karol Blaylock (

Minor in Film Production

Required Courses
FINA 1360The Art of Film3
ENGL 2340Literature and Film3
ARTS 2348Digital Art I3
COMM 3308Digital Video Production3
Choose two of the following:6
Documentary Film
Motion Graphics I
Animation I
Motion Graphics II
Animation II
Film Studies
Total Hours18

Minor in Film Production advisors: Dr. Robert Anderson ( and Mr. Chris Ireland (

Minor in Gender and Sexuality Studies

Field of Study Courses
Choose from the following:15
Gender, Crime, and the Criminal Justice System
Social History of the United States Before 1865
Social HIstory of the United States Since 1865
Women and Gender in U.S. History
Sociology of the Family
Deviant Behavior
Gender in Society
Social Issues
Social Work with Diverse Populations
Human Behavior and Social Environment II
Human Rights
Women's Issues
Other Required Courses
SOCI 1301Introductory Sociology3
Total Hours18

Minor in Gender and Sexuality Studies advisor: Dr. Jensen Branscombe ( 

Minor in Geography

Field of Study Courses
Choose one of the following:3
Introduction to Environmental Science
Natural Disasters
International Environmental Issues
Other Required Courses
GEOG 1303World Regional Geography3
GEOG 1320Introduction to Human Geography3
GEOG 2312Economic Geography3
GEOG 3300Geography of Latin America3
GEOG 3301Intro to Travel, Cultural Experience, & Study Abroad3
Total Hours18

Minor in Geography advisor: Dr. Kelly Lemmons ( 

Minor in Hispanic Studies

Field of Study Courses
Students choose from the list below
HIST 3336History of Mexico 1821-Present3
POLS 4308Politics of Latin America3
HIST 4303History of the American Borderlands3
SOCI 2300Hispanics in the United States3
Other Required Courses
SPAN 3301Oral Proficiency in Spanish3
or SPAN 3302 Spanish for Heritage or Native Speakers
SPAN 3303Spanish Grammar for Composition3
SPAN 4306Culture and Civilization of Spain and Latin America3
GEOG 3300Geography of Latin America3
Total Hours24

Minor in Hispanic Studies advisor: Dr. Cecelia Marrugo Puello ( 

Minor in Interior Design

Required Courses
INDS 1301Intro to Interior Design 3
INDS 2311Interior Design Fundamentals 3
INDS 2314Interior Design I3
INDS 3310History of Interiors3
INDS 3314Interior Design II 3
INDS 4330Architectural Finishes and Systems3
Total Hours18

 Minor in Interior Design advisor: Karol Blaylock (

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