Undergraduate Agriculture and Natural Resources Courses

AGNR 1188. Introduction to Research. 1 Credit Hour (Lecture: 1 Hour, Lab: 0 Hours).

Fundamentals of conducting scientific research in agriculture and natural resources. Overview of project development, design, methodology, ethics, and reporting.

AGNR 4088. Undergraduate Research. 1-3 Credit Hours (Lecture: 1-3 Hours, Lab: 1-3 Hours).

Scientific research under the direction of an assigned faculty mentor. Components of the research project may include, but are not limited to, review of literature, project design, data collection, chemical analysis, data analysis, and synthesis of results for dissemination.

AGNR 4199. Undergraduate Research Forum. 1 Credit Hour (Lecture: 1 Hour, Lab: 0 Hours).

Synthesis of research results, composition of scientific writing, and presentation of undergraduate research to departmental faculty.