Lozano Long Division of Global, Community and First-Gen Initiatives

The Lozano Long Division of Global, Community, and First-Gen Initiatives is instrumental in leading and supporting the university’s strategic charge to advance community values across all aspects of our multi-campus institution through mission-focused partnerships that promote work, service and leadership readiness for a global economy and transnational workforce.

The vision of the division is to align institutional strategy and values by elevating actionable data for decision making and the wholistic success of all Texans. 

The Global and Community Connections Division office is in the Thompson Student Center, Suite 218.  For additional information or assistance, contact a member of the Division at 254-968-0506.

International Student Services and Programs

Tarleton is here to assist current and incoming international students with federally required processes, provide comprehensive intercultural opportunities, and facilitate the development of international partnerships in collaboration with Academic Affairs. Services and programs include the following:

  • Addressing Visa & Immigration-Related Needs
  • International Community Matters: Communications, housing Information, and other transition needs
  • Social Security & Work Authorization
  • Travel & Form I-20 Endorsements
  • Communication with home countries
  • International Partnerships
  • Develop, maintain, and disseminate International Student Handbook of Programs and Services
  • Bi-annual Meetings with Homeland Security
  • Serving as the Primary Designated School Official (PDSO)
  • Training Tarleton’s Designated School Officials for all campus sites (DSO)
  • Advising the International Student Organization
  • Coordination of inter-cultural Education Programs
  • Coordination of International Student Transition Programs.
Student Global and Community Connections (SGCC)

Tarleton cultivates civically engaged graduates through peer education and involvement, community, and recognition. SGCC coordinates university-wide programs that promote unity, community engagement, and celebrate historic milestones. Equipping all students for success in global service and leadership. Tarleton views Civic Engagement as community involvement that makes a positive difference in the lives of one’s fellow citizens/community members. The active involvement of people through civic engagement seeks to secure the common good through the combination of knowledge, skills, values, and motivation to make that difference.  Administration of the English Language Proficiency Plan in adherence to US Executive Order 13166.

TRIO and First-Generation Initiatives

Tarleton advances a college-achieving culture through K16 and beyond, utilizing evidence-based approaches that promote first-generation student success. Services and programs include but are not limited to the following: Pre-College TRIO Programs; College TRIO Programs; Collaborative First-Generation Initiatives including “First Scholars” and “First Forward” Programs; Mapping & Networking First-Generation Institutional Efforts & Resources; and First Scholars Steering Committee. To learn more about TRIO and First-Generation programs, please visit www.tarleton.edu/trio or call 254-9678-9369.

Student Accessibility Services (SAS)/ADA Coordinator

Tarleton has a strong commitment to coordinating educational, co-curricular and study abroad accommodations for students with disabilities to foster a supportive environment through an inclusive accessible model. Accessibility Services collaborates with Employee Services and Facilities to administer the following: ADA Training for faculty, staff and supervisors on Universal Design and Educational Accessibility: the process of facilitating an environment accessible to people with a wide range of abilities, disabilities, and other characteristics; ADA Coordination for Commencement and large-scale university events; Training on workplace accommodations for supervisors; (ADA Coordinator) Chairs ADA Master Plan Committee in collaboration with facilities. If you are a student with a disability seeking an accommodation, please contact Accessibility Resources at 254-968-9400 or visit https://www.tarleton.edu/sas/.

Civic and Community Connections (CCC)

Tarleton seeks to develop and maintain external partnerships with key community stakeholders throughout Tarleton’s multi-campus locations; We collaborate with university marketing to help calibrate internal and external communication toward an asset-based inclusive approach and promote resource maximization for division-related revenue generation opportunities, which includes the following:

  • Strengthening institutional communications with Tarleton’s donor base.
  • Serving as point of contact for external civic partnerships.
  • Collaborating with all campus team members to ensure every Tarleton location has opportunities for civic connections and engagement.