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The Mayfield College of Engineering was established in June 2022. The mission of the Mayfield College of Engineering is to facilitate in students the development of advanced engineering knowledge and skills through rigorous hands-on academic programs supported by industry partnerships. To achieve the mission, faculty and staff perform groundbreaking research, as well as, deliver advanced education in a new building containing state-of-the-art teaching laboratories, classrooms, and makerspaces. Faculty members collaborate closely with industry to provide students with career opportunities and bring real-world engineering activities to the classroom. The academic environment in the college encourages students to discover, design, and implement innovative solutions to real-world challenges and instills in them a sense of civility, ethics, community engagement, and entrepreneurship. The main goal of the Mayfield College of Engineering is student success! The College has three departments, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering department, Engineering Technology department, and Mechanical, Environmental, and Civil Engineering department. More than 30 faculty members teach 14 academic programs in the college, 11 undergraduate and 3 graduate programs. Our programs benefit from the advice of industry through Industry Advisory Boards. 

Mayfield College of Engineering Math Placement Policy

Students admitted to the Mayfield College of Engineering require a strong foundation in Math due to the prerequisites of the curriculum. Therefore, progress and academic performance are heavily impacted by engineering students’ math preparation and placement.

ALEKS-PPL allows us to place students accurately at the right math level based on students’ math knowledge and skills. However, this is not the main capability this student success tool provides students. The main contribution of ALEKS to students is offering the opportunity to enhance their math proficiency by creating online learning modules customized to each student based on the student’s math proficiency. Therefore, to increase our engineering students’ math preparation and consequently, their chances of academic success (e.g., retention, time to graduation) all Mayfield College of Engineering students who are

(a) “College-ready” based on TSI,

(b) are not transferring math credits from a higher education institution, and

(c) are not transferring AP math credits

will be placed into mathematics according to Placement Path 2 (ALEKS-PPL) of the Tarleton Mathematics Placement Policy.  

The departments and programs within the Mayfield College of Engineering are:

  • Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering 
    • Computer Science
    • Cybersecurity
    • Electrical Engineering
    • MS in Computer Engineering
  • Department of Mechanical, Environmental and Civil Engineering
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Environmental Engineering
    • Civil Engineering
    • MS in Mechanical Engineering
  • Department of Engineering Technology
    • Construction Science and Management
    • Manufacturing Engineering Technology
    • Mechanical Engineering Technology
    • Industrial Technology
    • BAAS in Manufacturing and Industrial Management
    • MS in Quality and Engineering Management

Dr. Rafael Landaeta, Dean
Mayfield College of Engineering
ENGR 294
Box T-0405
Stephenville, TX 76402

Dean, Mayfield College of Engineering

  • Dr. Rafael Landaeta