School of Behavioral Sciences

The School of Behavioral Sciences houses the Department of Psychological Sciences and the Division of Sociology. This school offers the Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Bachelor of Science in Sociology programs. 

Department of Psychological Sciences

The Department of Psychological Sciences is committed to providing exciting and challenging ways to develop bright new leaders in the field of psychology. Our program is tailored to meet the needs of traditional undergraduates seeking a bachelor’s degree in Psychology at our Stephenville campus, as well as those students attending our satellite campuses in the Fort Worth, Midlothian and Waco, and for our online students completing their undergraduate requirements using distance learning methodology.

The B.S. program is available through three program formats. Courses are offered face-to-face, hybrid (combination of face-to-face and online), and online. All psychology course requirements are available at all four campus locations.

The department offers students research opportunities working with our faculty. Our undergraduates have joined faculty at professional meetings including the Southwestern Psychological Association and the Association of Psychological Science.

Division of Sociology

Auguste Comte first realized the need for a science of society while writing during the French Revolution. Those revolutionary days cried out for sociological analysis to answer how and why such events occurred. Today, sociology is a diverse field where researchers use scientific tools to understand and improve society. Sociologists study things like racial inequality, the healthcare system, environmentalism, gender inequality, religion, economic inequality, and popular culture.

A Bachelor’s of Science degree at Tarleton State University equips students with the lasting skills employers seek. Our programs show students how to think critically, understand and conduct research, communicate effectively, and adapt to the ever-changing social world. 

Dr. Jamie Borchardt, Psy.D.
Associate Dean, College of Education & School of Behavioral Sciences