School of Behavioral Sciences

The School of Behavioral Sciences houses the Department of Psychological Sciences and the Division of Sociology. At the graduate level, the school offers the Master of Science in Applied Psychology program. All students in the program complete courses in statistics, research methods, theories of learning, and history and systems of psychology. The remaining courses can be chosen from a variety of electives within the psychological and behavioral sciences depending upon the chosen track: Thesis, applied project, teaching, or general options. Upon completion of this program, students will have developed the research and writing skills to further their education at the doctoral level or to pursue a career in applied research, data science, college or university-level teaching, training, development, and many other areas.


The mission of the School of Behavioral Sciences is to provide an academically challenging education, innovative instruction, pioneering research, and impactful community engagement. We merge theory and practice to create high-impact programs which celebrate diversity, inspiring students to build inclusive communities. We equip students with lasting, transferable skills that prepare them for diverse and meaningful careers. 


The vision of The School of Behavioral Sciences is to advance the application of psychological and sociological science and knowledge, by offering high-impact programs with resonance. We will be leaders in diversity, equity, and inclusion in teaching, research, and scholarship as we serve our professions and communities. We advance innovative solutions to local and global social problems through cutting-edge research and practice and seek to motivate future generations to elevate the public’s understanding of human behavior.

Dr. Jamie Borchardt
Associate Dean, College of Education & School of Behavioral Sciences