Academic Minors

Undergraduate Minors

Tarleton State University offers the following minors. Up to two minors may be declared in most baccalaureate degree programs. In order to preserve the curricular integrity of minors as distinct content areas, all minors must have nine hours that are distinct from the curriculum of the student’s major.

The first list of minors are those requiring a minimum of 18 hours within the minor discipline, of which 6 hours must consist of upper level coursework completed at Tarleton State University.

The second list of minors below are those with options or other requirements in addition to the 18 hours (of which at least 6 must be advanced). These have specific requirements; students should review the appropriate section of the catalog and check with Academic Advising Services or other academic advisor before beginning a minor from this list.

Minors with a Minimum of 18 Hours

Minor Prefix
Aerospace Engineering AERO
Agricultural Communication ACOM
Agricultural Economics AGEC
Agricultural Mechanics AGME
Agroecology AGRO
Animal Science ANSC
Art History ARTH
Automotive Engineering AUTO
Behavioral Neuroscience NEUR
Child Development and Family Studies CHFS
Coaching CHNG
Civil Engineering CVEN
Criminal Justice CRIJ
Criminal Law CLAW
Conservation Law Enforcement CLEO
Construction Science and Management CNST
Communications COMM
Computer Science COSC
Counseling CNSL
Dance DANC
Digital Media Studies DIGM
Earth Science EASC
Ecological Restoration PCON
Electrical Engineering ELEN
English ENGL
Entomology ENTO
Environmental Engineering ENVE
Environmental Science ENVS
Ethnic and Cultural Studies ECS
Film Production FILM
Finance FINC
Financial Planning FINP
Fisheries Management FISH
Fitness FITN
Fraud Examination FREX
Gender and Sexuality Studies GSS
Geography GEOG
Gerontology GERS
Hispanic Studies HSPS
History HIST
Homeland Security HLSE
Horticulture Management HRTM
Horticulture Science HRTS
Kinesiology KINE
Leadership Studies LDRS
Legal Studies LEGL
Mechanical Engineering MEEN
Music Business MBUS
Philosophy PHIL
Physics PHYS
Political Science POLS
Psychology PSYC
Public Health PH
Public Policy PBPL
Range & Ranch Management RNRM
Real Estate REST
Social Equity and Criminal Justice SECJ
Sociology SOCI
Spanish SPAN
Social Work SOCW
Substance Abuse SAMH
Theatre THEA
Veterinary Science VTSC

 Minors with Other Requirements in Addition to the 18 Hours

Minor Prefix
Business BUS
International Business INBS
Mathematics MATH
Military Science MS
Music MUSC
Technical Writing TWRT
Wildlife, Sustainability and Ecosystem Sciences WSES
Crop Science*
Ecosystem Science*
Food and Nutrition*
International Natural Resource Conservation*
Natural Resource Ecology*
Soil Science*
Wildlife Management*

These are options under the WSES minor and may require courses with prefixes other than WSES.