Undergraduate Home Economics Courses

HECO 1322. Nutrition and Diet Therapy. 3 Credit Hours (Lecture: 3 Hours, Lab: 0 Hours).

(TCCNS = HECO 1322 or BIOL 1322) A study of the essential nutrients, including nutrient functions, food sources, deficiency symptoms, and toxicity symptoms; the nutritional requirements of individuals throughout the life cycle; the effects of nutrition on health and fitness; nutrition fads and controversies; and evaluation of personal eating habits. Prerequisite Course(s): One semester of chemistry is recommended.

HECO 1325. Housing and Interior Design I. 3 Credit Hours (Lecture: 3 Hours, Lab: 0 Hours).

(TCCNS = HECO 1325) Factors influencing design selection with emphasis on the fundamental structure and decorative qualities of design, psychological approach to color, and creative problem-solving.

HECO 1328. Clothing Selection, Design and Construction. 3 Credit Hours (Lecture: 2 Hours, Lab: 3 Hours).

(TCCNS = HECO 1328) Principles of clothing construction taught through lecture, demonstration, instructional media, and hands-on laboratory experience. Students are required to construct personal garments and to produce samples illustrating various construction techniques. Lab fee $15. Prerequisite Course(s): FCSC 1201: Basic Clothing Construction.

HECO 2311. Fashion Merchandising. 3 Credit Hours (Lecture: 3 Hours, Lab: 0 Hours).

(TCCNS = HECO 2311) An introductory overview of the fashion business and its scope, economic importance, and marketing practices. The power of fashion and the role of the ultimate consumer are also addressed. Field trips may be required.