TMATE Certification

Alternative Certification

The Tarleton Model for Accelerated Teacher Education (TMATE) program is an exemplary accelerated teacher certification program in Texas with a mission to encourage, engage, and empower our interns. We partner with school districts to develop Texas teachers that:

  •   build relationships with students, parents, community and teammates;
  •   provide instruction and classroom environments conducive to learning; and
  •   collaborate using student data to ensure all students learn.

TMATE is a year-long graduate program for highly motivated people with a bachelor's degree, who want to become certified Texas teachers. TMATE's reputation as an exemplary teacher certification program makes TMATE participants very attractive candidates for school districts seeking to hire beginning teachers. 

Certification is earned through a combination of intensive course work coupled with a paid, year-long internship in a teaching position within a Texas Education Agency accredited school. There is also a clinical teaching option available for one semester with no pay or benefits. The internship/clinical teaching is jointly sponsored and supervised by Tarleton State University and the participating school district.

Through TMATE, teaching certificates may be earned in the following areas: Core EC– 6; Grades 4 – 8 Core and Content Areas; and Grades 7 – 12 Content Areas. All-level certifications are available in Physical Education, Art, and Music. A complete list can be found on the TMATE website.

Program Admission

Applicants must submit a complete TMATE application packet by the deadline. Please use a legal name on all TMATE documents. Applicants will be screened for the TMATE program using an interview, writing sample (or equivalent) and the required application components. A rubric will be used to determine if a candidate meets the admissions criteria. Tarleton's Educator Preparation Council (EPC) will determine official program acceptance. Potential students must be accepted into the College of Graduate Studies prior to admission in TMATE as TMATE courses can be applied to a master’s degree.

If applicable, a program transfer form must be submitted with the TMATE application packet. The potential intern may need to contact the Texas Education Agency to ensure PACT eligibility.

Applicants can be given contingent admission pending degree conferral if they are in the last semester of their undergraduate degree.

See the current TMATE Handbook for more information. It is available at . 

TMATE Entry Requirements

TMATE applicants must present a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution along with the following:

          - Overall GPA or the GPA for last 60 hours must be at least 2.75.

          - The content area must match one of the certification areas TMATE offers. There are no exceptions.

          - Register as a PACT (Pre-Admission Content Test) candidate to secure a TEA identification number needed to take the TExES PACT exam (unless content TExES has been passed). Passing PACT scores or content area TExES scores must be included in the TMATE application packet. 

See the current TMATE Handbook for more information. It is available at .

Steps to Apply to the TMATE Program

1. Apply to the College of Graduate Studies and pay the $50 non-refundable processing fee.

          - Online Graduate Application at the following link:  

          - Provide official transcripts to the College of Graduate Studies from all institutions previously attended (excluding Tarleton).

          - Provide proof of residency (if requested).

          - Submit an essay no more than 600 words addressing professional and career goals.

          - Apply for Financial Aid (if needed).

2. Complete and submit the TMATE application packet to the TMATE Office (email and fax scans are accepted).

3. Interview with TMATE program staff and provide a writing sample or other approved writing proficiency example.

See the current TMATE Handbook for more information. It is available at .

Application Deadlines

Fall - June 15 (Priority Deadline)  August 1 (Final Deadline)

Spring - October 15 (Priority Deadline)  December 1 (Final Deadline)

Summer - February 15 (Priority Deadline)  April 1 (Final Deadline)

Required Courses for Traditional TMATE Certification

EDUC 5311Methods of Effective Teaching3
EDUC 5314Creating and Managing the Learning Environment3
EDUC 5315Content Methodology3
EDUC 5390Selected Topics in Education 13
EDUC 5390Selected Topics in Education 13
READ 5370Literacy Development3
Total Hours18

Student must enroll for two semesters.

TMATE Degree Options

Students are eligible to apply their TMATE coursework toward a Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction, a Master of Arts in English, and a Master of Science in Biology.

Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction with TMATE Certification

Required Courses
TMATE Courses18
EDUC 5303Foundations of Curriculum3
EDUC 5338Curriculum Design and Implementation3
EDUC 5398Techniques of Research3
Total Hours30

Master of Arts in English with TMATE Certification

Field of Study Courses
Choose 1 of the following:3
Rhetoric and Composition:
Studies in Rhetoric
History of Rhetoric I
History of Rhetoric II
Rhetorical Criticism
Introduction to Visual Rhetoric
Seminar in Professional Writing
Grant and Proposal Writing
Intercultural Technical and Professional Writing
Choose 1 of the following:3
British Literature:
Studies in British Literature
Studies in Literature Before 1500
Modern American and British Poetry
Choose 1 of the following:3
American Literature:
Studies in American Literature
Studies in British Literature
Modern American and British Poetry
Choose 1 of the following:3
Studies in the English Language
Studies in Comparative Literature
Choose an additional 3 hours from the options above3
Other Required Courses
TMATE Courses18
ENGL 5398Methods of Bibliography and Research Analysis3
or ENGL 5396 Digital Humanities
ENGL 5380Studies in the Teaching of Composition3
Total Hours39

*NOTE: If the student takes ENGL 5380 Studies in the Teaching of Compositionor ENGL 5398 Methods of Bibliography and Research Analysis during TMATE, the course can replace EDUC 5315 Content Methodology.  Work closely with Dr. Estes, TMATE Director, if you are planning to pursue this degree option. *

Master of Science in Biology with TMATE Certification

Required Courses
TMATE Courses18
Additional BIOL Coursework: 21
Ecological Plant Physiology
Environmental and Restoration Biology
Development of Modern Biological Concepts
Conservation Biology
Evolutionary Biology
Research Design and Analysis
Biological Problems
Total Hours39

Contact Information

A full description of the TMATE program is provided on the website,

Applicants may also contact the TMATE office:
Fort Worth
Dr. Elizabeth Garcia, TMATE Coordinator
10850 Texan Rider Drive, Fort Worth, TX 76036


Dr. Elizabeth Garcia, TMATE Coordinator
Tarleton State University
10850 Texan Rider Drive
Box T-0008
Fort Worth, Texas 76036